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#MyStyle: Capsule Wardrobe Outfit 1.23 – Ugly Shoes

I’ll be the first to admit that when the Birkenstock trend came out a few years ago, I was bemused. They’re not the sexiest of the shoes, are they? Yet the street style blogs from my Google Reader (#RIP) had image upon image and story upon story from street style blogs with those darn sandals, so there had to something in them.

Suffice it to say I relented to the trend, and I’m happier for it. My feet are a complete mess after shoving them in ill-fitting shoes and non-podiatrist approved (yet super trendy) shoes for years and years, that they have finally given me their final warning. Tying in with becoming pregnant and changing jobs where standing on hours on end is a reality, I’ve become reliant on comfy and practical flat shoes, sneakers and sandals.

Enter the Birkenstock.

I bought a pair of black Birks during one of Surfstitch‘s Spend and Save promos (buying husby a pair of Vans and justifying the purchase as it was an extra 30% off if I bought two pairs of shoes), and these have made it into my essentials capsule as they’re just so damn comfortable. They’re the perfect shoe for taking kiddos to the park or to the store for a grocery run, as well as being (in my mind) ridiculously cool. Well, I feel cool wearing them, like one of those lasses that get papped by street style photographers (although I am well aware that I am nowhere near as cool as those girls in real life).

This perfectly epitomises one of the tenets I’ve been harping on about when it comes to a capsule wardrobe – that your closet should only contain items that you love. And although it took me a little while to warm up to these guys, I love my Birkenstocks, even if they are called an “ugly shoe”. Yeah, they’re not as sexy as stilettos, nor as dainty as kitten heels, nor as edgy as pointy toe pumps, nor as delicate as d’Orsay style shoes, but goddamn it Birkenstocks make me feel good (as in comfort) and my feet are happier for it.

For today’s outfit it was all about comfort, and I knew I wanted to wear my Birks so went with an old striped shirt from Marcs and beige shorts from Bench (bought on holiday). The ensemble was missing something so went with an old black leather woven belt from Just Jeans and my trusty boater hat.

Hat: Forever New (similar)
Shirt: Marcs (similar)
Shorts: Bench (similar)
Belt: Just Jeans (similar)
Shoes: Birkenstock

What do you think of Birkenstocks? Are you a Birkenstock lover or hater? Let me know!

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16 thoughts on “#MyStyle: Capsule Wardrobe Outfit 1.23 – Ugly Shoes

    1. Absolutely, they’re not the first shoe of choice for a lot of people but they can definitely be stylish! Thanks for stopping by xx

    1. Thanks so much Ramona! I really wish I could wear shoes other than flats because we just look so much better than them! x

    1. I said the same thing Samantha! It did take me a while to be convinced but there’s not turning back, they’re just too comfy 🙂 Thanks for stopping by x

  1. Well Eileen, I LOVE ugly shoes…in most guises. Birkenstocks included.
    I have 4 pairs of “worn to death but still going strong” Birkys.
    White floral, Orange paisley, cream clogs and a plain green suede pair.
    I look forward to Birks weather every year.

    1. Love it Samantha! I’m totally on the ugly shoe train with two pairs of white sneakers, two pairs of Birks, and shower sandally things. Looking forward to seeing you with your Birks! xx

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