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#MyStyle: Capsule Wardrobe Outfit 1.55: You’ve Been Great, Autumn

A simple ensemble for today’s capsule wardrobe outfit as a send off for my autumn capsule wardrobe.

I wanted to give these pieces a final run before I stored them for winter OR sent them away to a new home (I haven’t decided yet). All of these items I’ve decided not to include in my winter capsule wardrobe to give my winter choices a good wear and make similar decisions at the end of the three month period.



What I’m ultimately thinking of doing is creating a capsule wardrobe that will last me the whole year, rather than changing it up every three months.

Given the inappropriateness of a lot of my clothing choices for my autumn capsule mainly because of the weather, one of the things I had thought about in the planning of my winter capsule was the possibility of having a capsule wardrobe that would last me the whole year, so that if I needed a sweater or a jacket when the weather was unexpectedly cold, then it would already be in there, without me mourning the fact I hadn’t included it for that three month period. Or when the weather suddenly becomes hot due to climate change or whatever reason, then I would have weather appropriate choices to deal with that.

For now I’m sticking with the three month approach to really allow me to give the clothes I’ve chosen for the next three months an opportunity to be worn, as well as give me time to decide if it’s something that’s worth keeping or give it to a more worthy home. This decision will be based on whether or not it fits my personal style (which seems to change on a daily basis!),  my lifestyle, as well as the other pieces in my wardrobe. And indeed, if it still fits me at the end of the three month period :-/

Stay tuned tomorrow when I reveal my winter capsule wardrobe, ready to be worn on Monday!




Jacket: ebay (similar)
Blouse: Kamiseta (similar | not similar but perfect for winter)
Jeans: Cotton On (similar)
Boots: Midas (similar)
Hat: Forever New (similar)

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