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#MyStyle: How I Wore the Lace Blouse

Today was an unseasonably warm day for winter in Sydney, so for today’s blog post I thought I’d wear my lace blouse which I bought a little while ago but hadn’t had much of a chance to give it some love due to the cold.

This outfit was inspired by the ever gorgeous Stephie of the blog The Raw Edit – indeed, she was one of the inspirations for why I bought the top in the first place! Both the top and the culottes I hadn’t worn for a while, and I wanted to take advantage of the balmy weather and give this outfit a spin.


I do love the prettiness of this top – as I’ve said previously, I don’t often do girly or pretty, but it’s nice to remind oneself now and again that you are in fact a female. Of course, I had to “street” the blouse up a bit with some denim, and culottes always call for some heels.



I bought these heels off eBay – they’re by Lucky Brand – and I didn’t realise quite how high the heels were! I don’t often wear heels but I needed a pair of tan ones to go with some of my more girly items (and if I just wanted to wear a pair of tan heels as I didn’t have any). They’re actually fairly comfy given how high they are, they just need a bit of getting used to, especially when walking down a steep driveway with a 15-month-old boy on your hip :-/



The weather did make me pine a little bit for spring weather as it was so lovely.


Wearing: Forever New lace top | Zara dark denim culottes | Lucky Brand tan heels 

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