#MyStyle: The Grey Duster Vest

I had been after a sleeveless coat for quite some time (even doing a little refashion of a sleeveless trench coat), but wanted something that was a little thicker and more of a long vest.

Of course, I hit up my usual charity shops first but to no avail, so I went onto eBay and was in luck.

The first thing I learned was that the sleeveless coat could be called various things – long vest, sleeveless duster coat, sleeveless duster vest. Who knew that there were so many different names for the same thing? 😛

I really wanted to find a dusty pink one – the Viktoria + Woods skirt I wore in this post kind of got me hooked onto pink – and I was very specific in how I wanted the sleeveless coat to be made and constructed. Firstly, I wanted it to be fairly thick – not too thin, like the trench coat I had bought for my DIY project – I wanted some structure and warmth to the item. I tried to avoid those cheaply made items bought from overseas vendors – you know, the ones that show a picture of something amazing and then when the item arrives it looks nothing like the picture in the ad.

I settled on this grey duster vest by Bardot – brand new the vest would have cost AUD$119, I picked it up for $20. It was still in excellent condition – the girl I bought it from said she had only ever worn it a couple of times and had been kept in storage since. The duster vest was also the right fabric and thickness that I was after.


The one thing I’m not too sure about is the length – it does seem a little long for my height, and I’ve thought about potentially hemming it up a bit, but it is so well constructed that I’m loath to do that. Also, as it had been sitting in storage for some time there were some folds in the vest which I tried to iron out, but obviously couldn’t do all of them (spot the fold in the pics). Perhaps a steam would work better.


Other than the length I’m really happy with this thrifty find – as I’ve mentioned before, I loooooove grey, and while wearing this duster vest for the photos it kept me quite warm so it’s perfect for winter.


Wearing: Bardot grey duster vest (from eBay) | Witchery black V-neck blouse (from last year) | Ksubi jeans (from Glebe markets) with DIY rips | Windsor Smith chelsea boots (from years ago)

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