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#NoSpendber Challenge update (and an additional style challenge!)

I had every intention to blog about my progress every week for my #NoSpendber challenge but the second week of November was jam packed with marking so there was no chance. However, the week that just passed also saw me participating in a different style challenge which is a good reason to blog about both.

I participated in Jo from icurvy‘s Rule Breakers Club challenge a few months ago so when she posted another challenge on Instagram I was in. This time the theme was Forbidden Pairs:

via icurvy

So along with my own #NoSpendber challenge this meant having to do Jo’s daily prompts exclusively from the clothes in my closet without buying anything to meet any of the criteria. If you haven’t participated in an Instagram style challenge before it’s a great way to give your wardrobe another perspective by seeing what combinations work to fulfill the daily prompts. I certainly learn a little bit more about my wardrobe (and indeed my own style) while doing these challenges, and it was no different this time around.

The first day of the challenge was blue and green.

Wearing: Sportsgirl grey tee (old); Adidas Originals leggings (old); Adidas Originals Stan Smiths

I LOVE all shades of blue but green is a different story. I can really only wear khaki green as for some reason green doesn’t agree with my skin tone. As it was a Monday and all I wanted to do was just spend some time at the park with my little buddy I went with some blue and green printed leggings for my take on the prompt. “Athleisure” really is a great excuse to wear leggings and call it fashun.

Tuesday called for print on pattern.

Wearing: Sportsgirl striped shirt (old); Gorman polka dot pants (old; similar pair here); DIY lace up shoes

This shirt I had set aside during my capsule wardrobe challenge but having giving that challenge up months ago, I decided to dig it out of oblivion and realised how much I missed it. It’s just a really cute shirt, and the capsule wardrobe challenge meant not giving it the wear it deserved. I never would have paired it with the spotty pants but I think it works because of the navy blue and white that’s common between them. If in doubt about print mixing, use neutrals as a safe colour to start with.

Wednesday was mixed metallics.

Wearing Tag Heuer watch and gold bangle

I quite like mixing metallics, but can only really do gold and silver as these are the only metals that suit my skin tone. These pieces I wear regularly as they’re cherished pieces handed down from my mum.

Thursday called for a red and pink combo.

Wearing: Marc Jacobs cardigan (thrifted a couple of months ago); very old pink singlet (think this was bought overseas); Rag and Bone denim shorts (old); Dune London oxfords (old)

I actually really like this colour combo, but like green, not all shades of red or pink suit my skin. Burgundy and blush pink however are shades that I can work with. I really had to dig deep into my clothes to find the pink singlet though – I normally wear this tank to do housework around the house, but it went well with my burgundy cardi. Denim is an excellent neutral to pair with this colour combination.

Friday being an all work day I missed posting an outfit picture, but Saturday made up for it with an all-black ensemble (for matchy-matchy) which consisted of leather and lace.

Wearing: Metalicus dress as shirt (old); Witchery leather look leggings (old); Sam Edelman leopard flats (thrifted a few months ago)

This is one outfit combination I absolutely love. I originally had this lace top planned to go with my leather leggings but it seemed a little dressy just for a spot of grocery shopping. This Metalicus dress has a lovely lace detail around the decolletage and it made for a more casual approach to the lace and leather prompt.

Today was the last day of the challenge and it was my old nemesis, double denim.

Wearing: Sportsgirl chambray shirt (thrifted a few weeks ago); Witchery denim skirt (old, also thrifted)

I used to pooh pooh the idea of wearing the Canadian tuxedo. It just seemed so 90s. However, with denim coming in different forms including chambray it makes the double denim look a little bit cooler. I absolutely love Aleksandra from @covermum‘s double denim looks and was hoping to capture a little bit of her coolness in today’s outfit.

What I learnt from doing this challenge?

  1. Definitely go beyond your usual clothing pairings. As I mentioned above, I never would have thought to wear the striped shirt with the spotted pants, but now that I have I really like this combination. The same goes with burgundy and pink. Old habits die hard but it won’t hurt to change it up now and again.
  2. I need more colour in my wardrobe. This was a lesson learnt early in the month but it was really reinforced this week with the additional style challenge. In that sense I could never have minimalist style.
  3. Sportsgirl is a great mid-range store. I wore 3 Sportsgirl pieces this week and loved all three of them. As much as I adore my high-end labels, this store will always have a piece of my heart/wallet.

Check out the Instagram hashtag #rulebreakersclub for all the great outfits and interpretations for the prompts!

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