One Item Three Ways: Drop Crotch Pants

Ah, drop crotch pants (also affectionately known as “droppies”, and not-so affectionately known as “poo catcher pants”). If ever there was a prodigious example of a man-repelling item of clothing, these would be it.

Now, you either really love droppies or hate them. Me, I hated them at first. But of course Instagram came along and I saw all these gorgeous, stylish women rocking their droppies. So I started to come around.

Droppies certainly take a little while to get used to, and I think especially if you are petite. The crotch is obviously lower in the leg (hence the term drop crotch) and as my fellow petite pals know too well, out legs aren’t super long, so when the crotch drops it kind of shortens our legs, especially when the crotch is hanging around just above our knees. Soooo this post is dedicated to the hat trick of finding stylish, mama-appropriate, and petite-friendly ways to wear drop crotch pants.

Of course, being the cheapskate sustainable, eco-fashion conscious person that I am, I bought my pair second hand. The droppies I’m wearing in today’s post are a pair of Bassike ones I bought through Facebook Marketplace (I can’t rave enough about my experience on this app. I’ll get around to writing a post on this soon).

Being black, the drop crotch on this pair of pants isn’t super noticeable (I find), and it doesn’t shorten the legs as much as say a pair of light blue denim ones or even printed ones would. Petites, I think droppies in a solid, dark colour (eg. black, navy, khaki, plum) that are worn high waisted, the crotch not ridiculously dropped (ie to the knee), and are cropped just above the ankle would be best. The combination of these four things is probably the best way to flatter our frames.

Outfit 1: Athleisure inspired

Thank the gods for this trend. I love me a good pair of sneakers and sporty logo tee, and athleisure gives me a fashionable way to rock these items and give the impression I had more than 5 minutes to get ready in the morning.

The droppies work well in this outfit. Tucking the tee in shows off the waist (reminding people that yes you do actually have one) so that the legs don’t seem too truncated. While I don’t mind this outfit, this is probably my least favourite of the three I’m showing today, primarily because tucking in the tee really shows off the drop crotch (which I’m still not 100% used to). This would be a stylish playdate/running errands outfit though.

Wearing: Adidas Originals trefoil tee in rose gold (in white and black) | Isabel Marant Bart sneakers in leopard (bought via eBay; similar and similar)

Outfit 2: Tank + block heel sandals

These sandals are my favourite ones to wear with these pants. The block heel gives a bit of height with comfort, and while ideally the pair would be sans ankle wrap detail to help elongate the leg, a nude or tan pair works well to achieve this effect. The most important thing for petites is to show a bit of skin between the hem of the leg and the shoe to indicate that there is actually some leg under those pouffy crotch pants.

I’m wearing this tank as the blue stitching detail lifts it from being a plain ol’ white singlet to being something a bit more dressy and so goes well with the sandals. And also because I’m trying to get #30wears out of it.

Wearing: French Connection sleeveless tank (similar; love this one) | Sportsgirl tan lace up sandals (similar)

Outfit 3: Ethnic inspired

Drop crotch pants are essentially a variation of harem pants, which apparently were inspired by dhoti as worn by men in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. (Contrary to popular belief, MC Hammer was not the first man to wear them.) So going with this theme, I decided to wear my Cecilie Copenhagen O shirt, which itself is inspired by keffiyeh print from the Middle East. As this was a slightly dressier combo, I went with a pair of secondhand Zimmermann heels bought through a Facebook buy/sell/swap group, pushing up the hem of the pants slightly to achieve that sliver of skin between it and the shoes.

While I think this would make a fab date night outfit (and the elasticised waist means room for dessert), hubby’s bemused reaction to the pants left me wondering if he would even want to take me out to dinner if I wore them. Whatever, style right?

(By the way I am GUTTED that this delicate shirt has snagged! It’s the nature of the fabric unfortunately, and you can see it in the pics 🙁 )

Wearing: Cecilie Copenhagen O shirt | Zimmermann heels (lust list)

If you’re keen to try a pair of drop crotch pants, I have a selection below which would be great for petites and our taller friends alike!

I’m curious to know what you think of drop crotch pants! Love them or hate them? Let me know in the comments below!

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