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Outfit: A reboot of the Wool and the Gang Hotline Sweater

When you just love the pattern for a sweater that you have to make it again!

I made Wool and the Gang’s Hotline sweater last year in blue steel yarn but in a size 2 (equivalent to a 10-12). At the time I was pregnant and thought I needed to size up to be able to wear it… but of course it was a summer pregnancy and I never got around to wearing it much. It’s great, but a size too big, and I need to frog it and remake it into a size smaller.

I also wanted to make the sweater in Lazy Latte as I thought I needed an injection of beige into my winter knits. I’d seen it on Instagram being worn very stylishly with leopard print, jeans etc and thought it would make a nice complement to my own collection of leopard print and denim.

The difference with this knit is that I made it in the round, so instead of doing the body in 2 pieces as instructed in the pattern I did the body as one piece. I highly recommend doing this if you hate sewing like I do. I basically followed the number of stitches for the pattern but double as I was doing the front and back at the same time. I then separated the top front half and the back half and followed the pattern as instructed. The neck I also did in the round but for some reason cast off a bit too tightly so had to redo it as I couldn’t even get it over my head – so may be just check your tension there.

The arms however I couldn’t do in the round as my circular needles were too long… also, I wasn’t keen on purling the entire length of the sleeve so just did those as per the pattern and sewed together and onto the body.

It turned out great!

So for those who enjoy the knitting part but not the seaming part… try to knit in the round where possible! See if you can modify the pattern a little so that it works for you as you knit it that way. I try to make all my knitted and crocheted items in the round where I can now! (And if I have time!)

Outfit details:

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2 thoughts on “Outfit: A reboot of the Wool and the Gang Hotline Sweater

    1. Thanks Mica! I’m always a little unsure of what size to knit because different types of wool lead to different results – and tension and knitting style etc – I’m glad this one turned out alright! Hope you’ve had a lovely week too xx

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