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Outfit: Chunky Knit Cardigan with Honeycomb Sleeves

Changing up one of my favourite knitting projects with some honeycomb sleeves!

The Chunky Knit Bomber is a knitting pattern I go back to whenever I want a quick and easy project. Case in point:

See outfit details here

See outfit details here

I wanted to make it again, but this time make the body in one piece (inspired by the Wool and the Gang Cable Knit Bomber). I was also in love with the honeycomb cable sleeves on the I Love Mr Mittens Honey High Neck Sweater, so decided to add this stitch to my next bomber project. Studio Knit has an excellent Youtube tutorial on how to knit honeycomb cables, and they are surprisingly very easy to master.

So I’ve already made blue and pink bombers, and I really wanted to add a creamy white one to my collection. However, as any parent knows, wearing white with young children is always fraught with danger… so rather than buy gorgeous, soft wool that could end up stained, I went for a cheaper acrylic option from Spotlight.

I was able to knit the back and front panels in one piece, ie reduced seaming! To do this I borrowed the instructions from the Bomber Knit Cardigan pattern and the WATG Cable Knit Bomber, and picked up stitches along the left and right front panels to add ribbing. The honeycomb cable follow an 8-stitch pattern, so for the sleeves I cast on 42 stitches – a number that is a multiple of 8 plus 1 stitch on either side for seaming.

I love how it turned out, however the acrylic yarn does stretch a bit after a few wears, so the honeycomb cables aren’t as tight as when I first knit them. I do love the white though – it just feels like you’re wearing a big ol’ blanket – so now that I’m pretty confident in how to make it I might risk making another one but with better quality yarn.

If you’re interested in a pattern let me know – I’ve never written a pattern before and haven’t had it tested by other knitters. I could provide exactly what I did for the cardigan above, but wouldn’t have a clue how to increase the number of stitches to accommodate different sizes! Any help in this regard would be great!

Not a knitter? I’ve linked up some chunky white knit cardigans below that would be perfect for cool spring nights (if you’re in Australia) or for crisp autumn/fall days (if you’re in the northern hemisphere)!

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3 thoughts on “Outfit: Chunky Knit Cardigan with Honeycomb Sleeves

  1. Such a great cardi, and good idea to make it from a more durable fabric because it’s white! 🙂 I love the sleeves as well, such a nice feature! 🙂 I like a cosy cardi, it’s a shame I can’t knit myself! A pattern would be a great idea to share, for those that can knit!

    1. Thanks Mica! Although really impractical I am loving white at the moment. I think it’s a case of wanting what I can’t have right now haha!

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