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Outfit: Dress With Sneakers

I’ll wear anything with sneakers, really.

I had been avoiding wearing dresses since giving birth because most of mine aren’t very breastfeeding friendly, but I was also tired of wearing the same jeans/leggings/trackies and top combo.

I’d been trawling my favourite places for stretchy wrap dresses for ages, but they all seem to be made of a non-stretchy viscose or polyester material. Stretchy jersey wrap dresses are the best for breastfeeding as you don’t need to unbutton or lift up the dress to feed, you just move the wrap to the side and pop the boob out for bub. Done.

One kid-free afternoon (before my style challenge) while my parents looked after the three munchkins I hit my local Sportsgirl for some shopping therapy. It was here I found this floral wrap dress – not stretchy, but with a generous wrap so I can pull it aside for feeding. It also has a hidden dignity button so my boobs don’t fall out while  wearing it.

With the colder temps closed shoes are essential and I could have easily paired the dress with a girly pair of closed espadrilles or flats – but went with my trusty Stan Smiths instead.

Pairing dresses with sneakers is a great way to mix girly and sporty, and I can’t go on enough on how comfy this combination is. While you could of course wear a plain dress with sneakers, I think the pairing of a girly printed dress (and/or with girly details like ruffles or lace) is a nice juxtaposition with the sneakers. You can also continue the mix of feminine and masculine in this outfit by wearing the pairing with layers of fine jewellery, an oversized jacket or coat, and a fedora!

In terms of what sneakers to wear, obviously the sporty sneakers won’t do. Fairly minimalist ones like these Stan Smiths, Adidas Super Stars or Gazelles, Converse Chuck Taylors, Golden Goose Superstars, Supergas or Common Projects would go well with dresses as you would want the dress to make the statement rather than the sneakers. I personally find low tops more flattering for this style, regardless of the length of dress, but I think if you’re taller you could get away with wearing high top sneakers with dresses.

If you’re after more ideas on how to wear a dress with sneakers, I’ve created a Pinterest board with some more inspiration on this girly yet sporty combo!

What I’m Wearing
  • Jacket: Levi’s (secondhand)
  • Dress: Sportsgirl
  • Shoes: Adidas Stan Smiths
  • Bag: Mimco (thrifted)
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4 thoughts on “Outfit: Dress With Sneakers

  1. That is such a cute dress! I love the little modesty button on wrap tops and dresses – they are my fave for breastfeeding as it’s such easy access when you unbutton!

    I really like the dress, runners and denim jacket combo, something I wear frequently in spring and autumn!

    1. Thanks Mica! It’s so hard finding a dress I like because I’m not really a dress person and I only like certain styles… then I go ahead and wear sneakers with them! Old habits die hard 😀

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