Outfit: Embellished Sweater and Dressing Whilst Breastfeeding

How I wore the fanciest sweater in my winter arsenal, and the outfit dilemma I have while I’m breastfeeding.

Sweater and Dressing While Breastfeeding
Firstly my title isn’t about getting dressed while nursing at the same time; it’s meant to be referring to “choosing outfits during the breastfeeding stage” but it just wasn’t as snappy.

Hubby bought me this embellished sweater for my last birthday, which was not long after I had found out I was pregnant. He’d bought me this and a cute vintage pleated skirt both from Mercado 32, but it seemed as soon as I knew I was pregnant the skirt didn’t fit. The skirt was returned, but the sweater stayed.

The sweater was an oversized fit so would have fit in the first 2 trimesters of pregnancy, but as it was approaching the warmer months at the time it didn’t get a lot of wear. Now I can actually wear it, I feel it’s a little dressy for where I’m at – ie breastfeeding with babe, and doing the pre-school run.

If you’re familiar with Needle & Thread you’ll know that it’s a label with the most exquisite hand sewing and embroidery, and this sweater is no exception. While it’s sweatshirt material, the sequins elevate it from your regular activewear/athleisure and they definitely make the sweater pop. My daughter (a fan of all things bling and shiny) loves it when I pull this sweater out, but I almost always change my mind at wearing it because it just seems so fancy to wear. And how on earth would I wash it? I wouldn’t want to risk drycleaning it with the sequins.

However, I did decide to wear it one weekend, for a simple outing to the park. Yes, I was probably the blingiest mum in the park, but if I hadn’t worn it the sweater probably wouldn’t have had an outing at all this winter, and that would be a bit of a waste.

I find dressing in the nursing/first year post partum can be a bit tricky, because it’s not like you have a full social calendar to really get dressed up, right? Why would I wear a silky ruffle top if I’m just popping over to shop and buy some bread?

As I’m breastfeeding, all my outfits also need to be nursing friendly, ie no t-shirt dresses and sheaths for me. I have been in situations where I’ve had to hold one kid’s hand as we rush to the parents’ room for the toilet, with nursing babe still attached to my boob in the other hand. I find myself worried about getting a nice top I have possibly covered in vomit.

While I do have my days when I’ll just gad about in trackpants and a sweater, there are other days when I want to get a little bit more dressed up than usual and yes that may mean selecting seemingly impractical items, like the embellished sweater. When I’ve made a little bit more of an effort to dress up I find I feel a bit more like me, I mean the “old” me before I became a mum. Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget we were our own selves before we started taking care of others.

How about you, mamas? Do you wear impractical yet beautiful clothing while breastfeeding/mumming?

What I’m Wearing
Sweater: Needle and Thread via Mercado32
Jeans: J Brand (thrifted from Vinnies)
Boots: Seed Heritage
Bag: no brand, thrifted from Salvos

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