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Outfit: Embroidered blouse and ripped jeans

An easy (repeated) outfit to celebrate Fathers’ Day.

Incidentally, I wore this blouse for Mothers’ Day, and while contemplating what I would wear for Sunday (Australian Fathers’ Day) this blouse again caught my eye.

Even though I don’t wear much red, I find this blouse is really easy to style. As the weather is still not quite warm enough to bare the legs, I went with the ripped jeans option, although I have to admit as the day went on it became considerably warmer and I could have probably worn some denim shorts. I love mixing up the boho feel of the blouse with the urban cool of ripped denim – full boho isn’t really my style, but combining it with elements that are makes these pieces more me.

For this combo tan accessories were perfect. My tan sandals that I wore to death last summer are finally being taken out of storage and some serious TLC for my feet is needed. I’ve ensconced my tootsies in sneakers and boots and neglected to address the cracked heels and dry skin (too much info?).

Outfit details
  • Top: Next
  • Jeans: IRO with DIY distressing
  • Sandals: Sportsgirl
  • Watch: Fossil
  • Tan cuff: Coach
  • Gold bangle: hand me down
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6 thoughts on “Outfit: Embroidered blouse and ripped jeans

  1. That is such a beautiful blouse! It’s great you could give it another wear 🙂

    You do wear the boho pieces you have so well.

    We’ve had days like that too, cold enough in the morning for jeans but you contemplate shorts by the afternoon – once the mornings and evenings stay warm it will be proper spring!

    1. There are times I do feel the blouse is a bit out there – being both red and having statement sleeves – but pairing it with the jeans makes me feel more comfortable, if that makes sense 🙂 It’s starting to warm up here too – but I always have a cardi on hand for whenever I’m in the shade!

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