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Outfit: Felt Hat, Bomber Jacket, and Style Challenge Fail

What do you do when you know in advance when you’ll fail a style challenge prompt? You get dressed and go about your day.

When the prompt for my wardrobe challenge was “go monochrome in a bright colour” I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

I just don’t do bright colour – it could be because it doesn’t go with my skin tone, or because I prefer to blend in with the crowd… bright colours aren’t my jam. This is why Melbourne style resonates with me so much – all the neutrals! I’ve mentioned that red is the brightest thing I can wear, and I can only do that in small amounts – like a red top with something neutral. Certainly not red everything.

However, since getting dressed is a necessity in our society, and it also happens to be cold, I still did the monochrome prompt by wearing a black jeans. Yeah, real bright, right?

For colour I threw on a fairly newly acquired Uniqlo x Ines De La Fressange bomber (bought second hand from a lovely seller on Carousell) and matched it with some khaki ankle boots. I had thought this bomber was the padded kind, like the original bombers, but it turned out to be a lightweight cotton one. Nothing a turtleneck underneath can’t fix – and it may get more wears than the thicker one as I could wear it in spring too.

As I was popping in and out of the Team Style File wardrobe challenge I also wore this hat c/o Zaful. It’s actually been a pretty versatile hat – neutral (obvs), and being made of felt it keeps my noggin warm when the temps get low.

What I’m Wearing
  • Bomber jacket: Uniqlo X Ines De La Fressange (second hand from Carousell)
  • Shirt: Standard James Perse
  • Jeans: Levi’s Wedgie
  • Boots: Office
  • Hat: c/o Zaful
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2 thoughts on “Outfit: Felt Hat, Bomber Jacket, and Style Challenge Fail

  1. It might not have met the prompt for the day but I do really like this outfit! I’m a lot more flexible with style challenges now than I used to be. It’s better to wear something you’re comfortable in than something you hate just to meet a theme! 🙂

    1. Thanks Mica! Yep definitely felt more comfortable in my black and khaki combo than a bright one, even if it meant not following the prompt.I know that sometimes style challenges are meant to help us step out of our comfort zone but brights were way too far for me! 😀

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