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Outfit: Flared Sleeves and Drop Crotches

What’s your outfit when you are having an off day?

By off day, I mean “I have the start of a cold and it’s that time of the month day”. The kind of day you shouldn’t be having when you have two young kids with more energy than an Energizer Bunny and all you want to do is curl up on the couch. A day when you have to be at your daughter’s pre-school for a meeting so you have to dress up in more than sweats or leggings. That kind of day.

A Loose Fitting Top

There is nothing better than an oversized t-shirt as a piece of comfortable clothing. Loose, free flowing, perfect for covering up that slightly bloated belly for when it’s you-know-when.

However, I had to be a little bit more dressed up today for the pre-school meeting. This top from Seed (bought second hand from eBay) is a lovely loose linen one, and the bell sleeves give it an interesting detail. The only drawback to this blouse? The sleeves make dishwashing a little tricky.

Elastic Waist/Drawstring Pants

I so wanted to wear comfortable bottoms today. Jeans weren’t fitting me quite so comfortably, and leggings are just a little bit tight, if you know what I mean. Sweatpants would have been perfect except for that meeting.

These drop crotch pants from Bassike (also bought second hand) are a dressier yet just as comfy¬†alternative to sweatpants. They’re also more roomy around the waist than button up pants. The drawstring waist meant I could adjust as needed; the drop crotch made it comfy as hell; the stretchiness of the fabric made me feel like I was wearing leggings without the tightness.

See how I wore these pants in three ways here.

Flat shoes

Does anyone else’s feet change during that time of the month? Mine kind of feel a little bit more swollen. Or maybe I just feel crap in general because of the cold coming on, I don’t know.

These are Filippo Raphael flats handed down from mum (and resoled for longevity). They’re insanely comfortable and are a dressier option to sneakers, which I always seem to reach for on my off days. Leopard print just seems to be a perfect neutral that goes with everything.

Outfit details (all second hand): Seed Heritage top | Bassike drop crotch pants
| Filippo Raphael flats | vintage Michael Kors handbag

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10 thoughts on “Outfit: Flared Sleeves and Drop Crotches

  1. Love those loafers! I never used to be into that style but I find myself gravitating to it more and more lately. And I especially love the leopard print of these.

    1. Thanks so much Kristin! Yes they’re super comfy and the leopard print makes them surprisingly versatile! xx

  2. Oh that is a beautiful top! Although yes the sleeves aren’t the most practical choice! Jeans and a tee is usually my default outfit if I’m having one of those days. As much as everyone loves dropcrotch pants, they just aren’t a style I’ve warmed to.

    1. Yep the sleeves were a bugger for doing anything practical! As for drop crotch pants, yeah I wasn’t sold on them too, it took a while for them to grow on me!

    1. Thanks! Yes the sleeves are soooo pretty but they just got in the way of a lot of stuff. Fashion beats practicality on some days though right?! xx

  3. That top looks great on you and the leopard print flats are sooooo gorgeous. My off day ensemble is a black chiffon blouse and these black business shorts. Sounds oddly businessy but they’ve got just enough looseness to be genersou when I’m not feeling so hot but enough structure so I look more presentable than how I’m feeling.

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