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Outfit: Golden Goose Silver Sneakers

Sharing how I got these awesome Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Superstars and how I styled them!

Recently I was incredibly lucky to win a Net-a-Porter voucher through one of the Facebook groups I’m a member of. As you know, I absolutely love my designer fashion, which I normally buy second hand, but being able to buy it new is indeed a luxury. I was super excited when I was told I had won the gift card!

I spent hours poring over the Net-a-Porter website thinking of what I would get with the gift card. In making the decision, I had to decide what it was that I liked versus what I would actually and practically wear. For example, while I have been lusting over an Acne Raya cardigan for so long, I would really only wear it a few months of the year. Also, given that it’s over $600 I would be quite reticent to wear it around snotty toddlers and children with sticky fingers.

I finally decided that I would buy a pair of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers. The two things that are constants in my wardrobe repertoire are jeans and sneakers, and I already had quite a few of the former. As Audrey Lombard is my style guru, I had always loved her (multiple pairs of) Golden Gooses and this assisted in my decision to get them with the gift card.

Once I had decided to buy said GGDBs, the next step was to choose which one. There were a few styles that I liked BUT having read various forums and Facebook groups about these shoes I was really confused about sizing. Some people said they were true to size, some said they had to size down, others said they had to size up! Gah! You’d think for a pair of $300+ shoes that sizing would be consistent, at the very least??

Anyway, I settled for this silver and suede pair. I was tossing up between these and a white-and-bronze pair, but seeing as I had already a pair of white Stan Smiths I went with the silver.

I went with my usual size in these. The Superstars have the slightest wedge but it wasn’t noticeable while I wore them. They came with a pair of silver laces and a spare pair of plain grey ones. Of course I went with the silver laces.

The sneakers are super comfy and I can see myself wearing them all throughout the year, making sure I get their cost-per-wear.

I could have gone all fashun and worn them with a funky knit, leather shorts and tights under shorts… but it’s 14 deg Celsius in Sydney and let’s be honest. It’s too damn cold to do fashun.

Outfit details:
  • Sweater: thrifted via Carousell
  • Jeans: reworked vintage Levi’s from Cream Newtown
  • Coat: thrifted Lioness coat from Vinnies Neutral Bay
  • Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha – hand me down
  • Shoes: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand via Net-a-Porter
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