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Outfit: Stripes and black slip dress

Today’s outfit of a mock neck top with stripes, a black slip dress, and falling out of love with clothes.

It’s been a while since I’ve worn a dress so I decided to take out my black slip dress from Sample for the day.

It’s been a few months since I wore it (the last time was for my Frugal February challenge). To be honest, I wasn’t interested in the dress anymore. I didn’t find the dress particularly flattering for my body shape and I didn’t like how it wrinkled so easily. To put it another way, I’d fallen out of love with it.

But I wonder if I’d ever fallen in love with it in the first place? I had seen a sales assistant wearing an Organic by John Patrick dress and absolutely loved that. So, during the summer sales I knew I wanted to buy a black slip dress.

Being petite, it was really hard to find one that was the right length. However, I tried on an amazing dress at Alpha 60 which was just perfect in terms of fit and length. However, the price tag of $129 was not. Similarly, the Organic by John Patrick dress the sales assistant was wearing was a cool $150 (on sale).

When I came across this one from Sample at General Pants (on sale, $52) I liked it enough to buy it. In hindsight though, I probably bought it because it was cheap and to get my black slip dress fix – even if I wasn’t totally in love with it.

So even after all this time blogging about only buying things that you love and would wear 30 times or more, I’m still partial to the odd impulse buy. Shopping with intention is a work in progress.

See how I wore this dress in three ways here.

Wearing: Witchery striped turtleneck | Sample Brand slip dress from General Pants | Isabel Marant Bart sneakers in leopard | Prene Portsea Bag

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3 thoughts on “Outfit: Stripes and black slip dress

  1. I like the striped top layered under it! 🙂

    I do things like that too – in fact I spoke a little about it in my latest blog post! I’ll have the best intentions before shopping but end up buying things that aren’t exactly what I wanted as I’m there already and it looks good enough. Silly really as they don’t get much wear afterwards! IT’s something I’ve been trying to work on.

    1. Mica it’s something I still struggle with – the instant gratification! I’m still working on it too – sometimes when something is so darn cheap (even when opshopping or at the markets) it’s too good to walk away.

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