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Outfit: Thrifty spots (and my favourite op shops to visit in Sydney)

My second thrifted outfit for National Op Shop Week featuring spots – and the spots I go to when I want to go op shopping! (See what I did there? :P)

I did wear this outfit today while doing errands but right now I’m writing in my sweats (does anyone else do this?). I’m still feeling under the weather but funnily enough, dressing up for a blog post actually kind of makes me feel a little better!

I’ve been bunkering down in leggings and tracksuit pants for most of the last week or so and the weather was just too nice today to wear the same old. This dress I thrifted from the Salvos was the perfect spotty print to help me out of my funk, even if it was still a touch too cold to be going out bare-legged.

The cardigan is by Marc Jacobs and was thrifted for $18 at Vinnies Glebe. Yes, a little pricier than the usual op shop fare but not a bad deal for a designer item. This got me thinking about which stores I love frequenting when I’m going opshopping, and I’ll share them below!

The shoes unfortunately weren’t thrifted – I don’t have an awful lot of luck buying shoes second hand because A. my size is usually snapped up pretty quickly; B. I’m usually after a particular style that’s not in the opshops; C. I’m really picky about shoes because of my terrible feet. However, I’m planning to have these espadrilles in high rotation over spring and summer so am hoping to get at least 30 wears out of them by the end of summer.

So onto my favourite Sydney opshops…

Salvos Darlinghurst: a great store with racks and racks of nice stuff. Faye De Lanty has a curated section of the store with her picks and is really beautifully presented. I could easily spend a couple of hours there sifting through the racks.

Vinnies Paddington: located on upmarket Oxford St, it has a very nice designer section (with DVF dresses at a bargain $40), but even the labels in the non-designer section are great too – Acne jeans for $10 anyone? The prices are a little higher than the other opshops but it’s all for a good cause.

Vinnies Rozelle and Red Cross Shops Rozelle: Saturdays in Rozelle are the best for visiting the triangle of bargains – Vinnies, Red Cross, and Rozelle Markets. Vinnies has the odd designer items in their racks while Red Cross have a great selection of Country Road items (and they have a program where if you donate Country Road items you’ll get a $10 CR voucher).

Vinnies Newtown: has to be my absolute favourite opshop to go to, not only because they have great stuff but also because Newtown is one of my favourite suburbs in Sydney. In this shop I’ve found Helmut Lang, J Brand, Gorman, Kit X, By Malene Birger, Rag & Bone… if only they fit me!

Vinnies Glebe: much like the Newtown store I’ve found some nice pieces there (including my Marc Jacobs cardigan), but it also has a lot of stuff that sellers can’t sell from the Glebe markets that are held every Saturday so there’s a nice bounty of great stuff every Tuesday after sorting.

Salvos Tempe: absolutely huge and some good bargains to be had – you just need the time to look through it all!

The Cat Protection Society Op Shop, Newtown: small but has a lovely selection of clothes and vintage items.

Vinnies Crows Nest: also a treasure trove of hidden designer gems. Isabel Marant jeans for $18? I’d take them if they were my size!

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5 thoughts on “Outfit: Thrifty spots (and my favourite op shops to visit in Sydney)

  1. Oooh I’m going to have to look up Vinnies Paddington and see how easy it is to get to from the CBD…we have a trip to Sydney coming up! First flight for the boys so it will be a very kid-centric holiday but there may be a little time for shopping…

    Glad you’re feeling better to! That’s a beautiful dress and I like the bargain burgundy cardi with it. I’m the same, I find dressing up can make me feel a little better sometimes soon.

    1. How exciting Mica! A bus to Paddington is probably the easiest… you could coincide it with a trip to Paddington Markets on a Saturday (they’re across the road from Vinnies) – as it’s in a school there’s a nice playground for the kiddos! Let me know if you need more kid-friendly tips for Sydney! xx

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