Outfit: White Polka Dot Dress with Tan Accessories and Straw Bag

Despite it not being kid-friendly, I love the freshness of white for the warmer months!

Disclaimer: I’ve been sitting on this post for ages but with everyone including me getting sick, and being busy with life (3 young kids is no walk in the park!), I hadn’t been able to post it until now. It’s certainly too cold to be traipsing about in this at the moment!

I’ve always shied away from anything white beyond a basic tee, and even then I don’t wear it that much because children, my 4 year old and 15 month old to be specific. They are both dirt and stain magnets and love giving me hugs, which don’t go too well with white clothes.

However, there’s something about living here in Perth that’s made me a bit more adventurous with wearing colour. I was having this conversation with someone at a fashion swap event (which I’ll blog about soon!) and how when she went to Melbourne she basically packed navy, black and grey, and white and blush pink for accent colour. The colour palette in Perth though is more varied, and I’m picking up on that vibe.

Not that white is technically a colour mind you, but you get the point.

With this in mind, when I had the choice to pick either the black dress with white dots OR the white dress with black dots I went with the latter, because I felt like some light tones would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

I’m wearing a size large here – I’d definitely consider sizing up in this dress. The belt is a great way to cinch in the dress and could easily be replaced with a thin belt (red would be a lovely contrast to the neutrals).

I went with tan shoes for this dress – still a fairly neutral colour, but they give a subtle accent. The tote bag and felt hat are nice textural additions to the outfit.

I haven’t considered winterising this dress yet, but I can see it working well with a denim jacket and some cowboy style ankle boots… not that I have those mind you, but it just seems like those would work with the style of the dress.

Outfit Details

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2 thoughts on “Outfit: White Polka Dot Dress with Tan Accessories and Straw Bag

  1. That is such a cute dress and yes, white isn’t the most practical choice for around kids, but sometimes you just want to wear something light! You look lovely in this dress and you’ve accessorised it well 🙂

    Thanks for joining the #weekdaywearlinkup!

    Hope that your week is off to a good start 🙂


    1. Thanks Mica! Yes there are days when you just want to wear something that isn’t practical around kids but you just want a reminder of things you liked to wear before kids, haha!

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