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Outfit: Wool and the Gang Cable Bomber Jacket

Wearing one of my favourite knit projects, the chunky cable knit bomber!

When I discovered the label I Love Mr Mittens I fell immediately in love with all of the luxurious, chunky cardigans the Instagram fashion girls were rocking in their little squares. They just looked so cosy and warm, and of course the fashion girls styled them to perfection.

But the price tag!

Being a knitter I absolutely get why these cardigans have this price tag. They’re meticulously made by hand, by knitters who are paid fairly, and the wool is high quality. A lot of time and love was put into these knits, and I completely understand the high end price.

However, as much as I love and understand the price, it is just way beyond my means. But when I discovered the cable bomber, a collaboration between I Love Mr Mittens and Wool and the Gang, I had to get my mitts (pardon the pun) on it.

I actually bought the kit for the cable bomber during a sale WATG have every now and again, and of course I had to get it in grey. It was my first time knitting cables ever and it was a little intimidating, but turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. Other than the horseshoe cables, the rest of the cardigan is made in garter stitch which made it quite an easy project.

It was also my first time knitting with circular needles and I have to say I’m converted. Less sewing!

I’ve been wearing the cable bomber a fair bit now that the weather has turned nice and crisp in Sydney. The cable bomber is a statement piece in itself, so I think the rest of the outfit should be pretty simple and minimal. Although, I love how That New Dress wore her cable bomber with a lace dress, the combination of textures really makes the outfit pop.

I wrote about how to wear Vans in this post and it had taken me a little while to track down a pair in my size just before Christmas – all the stores and second hand channels didn’t have my size available! I did get them eventually though, but have only worn them a handful of times. I’m finding that they don’t seem to suit me? If only I had been able to try them on physically, I could have made that decision there and then instead of down the track after a few wears. Have you had the same issue with items of clothing?

What I’m Wearing

  • Cardigan: Wool and the Gang Cable Bomber (buy the kit here)
  • Top: Zara (old)
  • Jeans: Levi’s 505C (secondhand)
  • Sneakers: Vans Old Skool

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8 thoughts on “Outfit: Wool and the Gang Cable Bomber Jacket

  1. I think the Vans look great! It’s a shame you don’t feel they suit you, but I understand as I’ve tried Vans too but prefer my Converse! 🙂 Your cute cardi is definitely the stand out piece of this outfit though! You’re so talented.

    Hope that you had a wonderful weekend! We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the warmer than expected weather! Even though it’s autumn it’s been quite warm!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks Mica! I do love Converse too but have really liked how I’ve seen others style their Vans… unfortunately I don’t seem to like them on me! I’ll give them a little bit more time to see if I can get used to them, otherwise I’m getting a pair of Cons 🙂

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