Outfit wool and the gang wonderwool sweater

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle into an epically chunky knit sweater when it’s cold out?

The last few days in Sydney (bar one wet day) have been just glorious, to the point that I was wearing short sleeves on one particular day. However, I’ll be secretly glad when the cold makes a return because I’ll get to wear this incredibly snuggly Wonderwool sweater that I knitted up with some Crazy Sexy Wool from Wool and the Gang (WATG).

I first saw someone else’s Wonderwool sweater on the WATG Instagram page and knew I just had to try it. It just looked like you were wearing one big warm hug.

I bought the yarn via LoveKnitting when they had a 25% off promo (you could also buy the kit directly from WATG). The bulk of the sweater uses 25mm (US 50) needles and they are huge to knit with – however, it made this sweater one of the quickest knits I’ve ever done!

Lately I’ve found my skin is a bit sensitive to wool but the Peruvian wool from WATG doesn’t seem to have the same effect. The contrast stitch sleeves make for a lovely texture and the funnel neck is ridiculously warm. The stitches however are a little looser given the 25mm needles so should a gale blow through a thermal is needed underneath.

My handknitted collection is slowly growing and I have to admit, I probably don’t need that many knits – it’s only cold in Sydney for a few months at a time. I’m just really enjoying getting back into knitting at the moment. Also, once you’re in a rhythm you start to reach a level of zen, except when you’re watching back-to-back episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale (has anyone seen this yet? I am obsessed).

Now as for winter being my jam… let me clarify that it’s Sydney winter that I love, because of the fact that it’s just not as cold as others. I would probably change my tune if I had to experience a full Melbourne winter.

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