13 going on 30 challenge outfit 4: Thursday arm party

I’m all for a minimalist wardrobe, but I absolutely love the trend of stacked bracelets – an arm party, if you will. As a kid I was really into making my own jewellery and spent a lot of time making friendship bracelets (why are they called friendship bracelets in the first place?), threading beads onto beaded necklaces and collecting charms…

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13 going on 30 challenge outfit 3: Wednesday errands

Before kids I used to fly by the seat of my pants – go out for drinks and dinner on a Wednesday night? Sure! A casual drive to the mountains? This weekend? In three days’ time? Sounds fabulous! No such luck these days – everything needs to be written down, scheduled to the minute, set in stone. Much like our…

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13 going on 30 outfit 2: at the races

I totally forgot today was Melbourne Cup day. Blame mummy brain on that. Given that I have two rugrats to tend to, Melbourne Cup really wasn’t on my radar anyway. So forgive my choice of outfit for Day 2, although I did consider it when selecting items from my 13 piece capsule wardrobe. (What am I talking about, 13 piece wardrobe,…

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13 going on 30: capsule wardrobe challenge

As part of my NaBloPoMo challenge I wanted to try my hand at a capsule wardrobe and feature 30 outfits that can be made from 13 items. I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of the capsule wardrobe; that is, having a set number of items in your wardrobe (e.g. 33 pieces) over a period of time (e.g. 3 months),…

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I have to walk my unicorn

Instagram images via: ellenextdoor // bluebungalow // twomorrowblog via zara_daily // carriebradshawlied //skinny_buddha // vivid // anhcotran // o.fashion.queen // thebabooshka // lescodesdeve // pinkines // mainelyelle // thestylewithin Last image via redbubble.com

How to wear the button through skirt

via Pinterest The A-line button thru skirt, along with flares, has become one of the main trends this year that has taken cues from the 70s. While flares don’t work so well on my short legs, the skirt is one that I’ve lusted after for a while and finally purchased on eBay. I can’t wait to wear it as an…

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How to wear a sleeveless blazer in spring

  After seeing some of my favourite Instagrammers wearing draped vests, I thought it would make a great addition to my spring wardrobe to add an additiona layer of interest (and warmth, given the hot/cold mood of spring in Sydney at the moment). I did my “research” and tried on a few for myself. Unfortunately, due to my petiteness, the…

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The greatest pleasure

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What to wear with a pixie cut

I was watching How Do I Look the other day (don’t judge me) and Jeannie Mai told her hapless guest that hair is an accessory and the outfit should take the hairstyle into account. (She said the same thing about tattoos, but that’s another thing altogether.) One such hairstyle where this comment is particularly true is the pixie. The pixie…

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