Biker chic

I have ridden a motorbike as a pillion passenger before, but these days the closest I’ll get to a bike is a single speed one (and even riding that is questionable).

Normcore luxe

Here’s the thing about Birkenstocks. They are so incredibly ugly that it’s hard to fathom how they’ve become so fashionable in the last few years. My mum has worn Birkenstocks for years because she has terrible feet, not to make a fashion statement. Yet here we are with the likes of Celine and Givenchy making high fashion versions of these sandals.…

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Would you want to meet you?

And of course… Happy (Australian) Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads, granddads, and father figures in kids’ lives. Images: chayanistevens / callmeshopaholic / pauline_lang / theadornment / fashioninmysoul / jorjamei / franziskanellessen / rougecloset / indiestyleinteriors / jessalizzi / xmyde / nickisebastian / andthentherewerethreeau

Embrace the chaos

Whoa. Having a 2 year old hurricane and 5 month old screamer can really take the wind out of you. Today in particular I was on tenterhooks and needed a lot of comfort coffee and chocolate to get through the day. Sometimes I ask myself what I signed up for, especially when I’ve been up since 4am rocking the baby, I haven’t…

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One way to wear the denim dress hubster bought me for my birthday. I love the inclusion of a striped shirt underneath the dress for a bit of interest (and just because I pretty much live in stripes). I have a pair of Nude black ankle boots I bought recently that would go well with this outfit, however one day when…

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Coffee and shopping

An ideal outfit for when I have those rare days I get to have a cup of coffee and some shopping All. By. Myself.

We spend too much time staring at screens

Errrgggghg. Instagram wormhole. Image credits: cardonfire / norilavie / damoyantwerp / thelittlemargarita / leahbesancon / c.phraph / chloekermeci / januaryjones / lisadengler / lydiahudgens / stylesnooperdan

Bring on summer

Another gorgeous Sydney day and I found myself wearing short sleeves! It inspired me to create a summer outfit that I would’ve worn to a music festival back when I went to such things. Add a khaki jacket for when the day starts to get a little chilly.

Home inspo: play room

The play area in our home used to be our TV room so it’s now a place where the kiddos can play with their 1000 toys (and occasionally watch TV if mummy is feeling particularly frazzled), as well as where hubster and I retire after the bedtime battle. One day I’d like to have the two rooms separate as it…

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