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Personalising birthday cards with Paperless Post

In this blog post I’m trying out Paperless Post and showing how I personalised a birthday card to make it more meaningful!

Whenever I’m at the newsagent looking at the rows and rows of options for a birthday/mothers’ day/fathers’ day etc card, it’s often hard to find one that I really like for the recipient. Or, if I do find something I like, it’s $10.

Ten dollars! For a card that may end up in the recycling bin a week later.

Factor in postage costs and the card may end up being $12 or more. I’m not sure what it’s like in other countries, but I only recently found out that in Australia if a card is not the “standard size” our postage service charges EXTRA for irregular sized cards.

So when Paperless Post asked me to check out how its card personalisation works, I was excited! Did this mean I no longer had to stand idly in front of these mainly naff cards trying to choose the least naff one to send to loved ones?

With my father-in-law’s birthday coming up I thought his birthday card would be a good one to personalise. He lives interstate and doesn’t get to see the kids often, so I wanted to send a card with the kiddos’ picture on it.

While figuring out how their online system works, I found that Paperless Post not only do birthday cards, but thank you cards, holiday cards (for all kinds of holidays), greeting cards and announcements. You can also create your own invitations and stationery.

There was a range of pre-designed cards to choose from, which you can then filter by colour, shape, etc.

I chose this one for my father-in-law:

You can see that the super basic design is free, however if you want to personalise it you’ll need coins to add your creative touch. When you sign up for a Paperless Post account you’ll automatically get 25 coins to get started.

Of course I wanted to personalise my father-in-law’s card with the kiddos’ picture instead of that random kid (cute as he is).

I adjusted the photo so that grandpa could see better see his grandson’s hair in all its glory by scaling the photo slightly and adding a filter.

Time to add a message. No more cheesy one-liners from the cards in the newsagent!

I changed the font and made it slightly bigger ‘cos Pop’s eyes aren’t what they used to be.

For the next step I was expecting to simply add Pop’s email address in to send it off, but no, there was the option to personalise the envelope! There’s no need to have an envelope, but it’s kind of like unwrapping a present, and since Pop won’t get any presents from us being so far away, I thought it would be a nice touch.

I changed the envelope colour, liner, stamp and postmark (I really could have gone to town on this but Pop is a minimalist).

After previewing the card…

… it’s now ready to send!

You can see for the above birthday card it only cost me 3 coins to personalise it, which is well within the 25 coins that you have free when you sign up. While I’ll send this as an online card, there was also the option of having a paper version which would be really nice for wedding cards or Christmas cards.

With a lot of communication being digital these days it’s nice to be able to give something like a birthday card, even if it’s sent online, a personal touch. I am loving the personalisation aspect of Paperless Post and will definitely be looking into this for Christmas!

This post was written in partnership with Paperless Post. 

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