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Petite Style: Floral Smocked Waist Top and Wide Leg Pants

The first in a series of posts with Petite Dressing on petite-friendly clothing, including this floral smocked waist top!

While a few brands are now including a petite range in their offering, it often isn’t as complete as what is offered for their “normal” height consumers. For example, Asos’ Petite range is probably a quarter of what is available for the “average” woman.

I find this a real pain in the proverbial, because often I find a skirt of a pair of pants in their “normal” range that isn’t available in petite. However, I just can’t be bothered taking the time and money to have them altered to suit my proportions. I think these brands are missing out on the power of the petite dollar.

Enter Petite Dressing.

One of the few brands totally dedicated to les petites, when they asked if I was interested in checking out their range I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Finally, a brand that has clothes that were perfectly proportioned for my short stature!

One of the items I tried from their range was this Ivy Smocked Waist Floral Top in black.

I may have mentioned previously that the only way I really do floral print is if it is against a dark background, and if the print is not too large or brash. This top had the perfect combination of both! As for the smocked waist, whenever I try this style made for the “average” height the smocked waist often falls below my actual waist because it’s made for women with slightly longer torsos. I’m very pleased to say the smocked waist of this top falls on my actual, natural waist!

According to the Petite Dressing website, the smocked waistline flatters petite women because it “elevates your waistline and make your legs look longer and proportion look better.” I am totally on board with anything that makes my legs look longer.

I felt this style of top goes best with high waisted bottoms, so paired it with these Muji wide leg pants. These are a great alternative to the iconic Everlane ones, which surprise surprise are too long for me. The Muji ones are also a little longer than what I’d like, and I had these altered so that they would fall a couple of inches above my ankle, but could have easily worn them without doing this.

With the temps in Sydney hitting the 30s this top is great for the warmer weather. It’s lightweight and while it feels like a sheer material, it actually isn’t too sheer. While I did wear it with pants in this post, the top would like great with a pair of high-waisted, tailored shorts or a flowy skirt!

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4 thoughts on “Petite Style: Floral Smocked Waist Top and Wide Leg Pants

  1. That is such a cute top! I hadn’t heard of the brand before so thank you for the introduction! It is hard when the petite sections are so little. I find that, sometimes there will be shorter hem lengths offered in dresses but then you don’t get the full dress selection to pic from! It’s always good to find a petite piece that actually sits where it is supposed to!

    1. Yes! One of the main reasons why I learned how to sew was so that things could fit me properly being so short, it’s great when I don’t have to alter it to get it to fit perfectly!

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