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Petite style: How to to wear jumpsuits if you’re 5’4” and under

Jumpsuits are such an easy piece to wear throughout the year, but can be tricky to pull off you’re shorter than average! Here are some ideas on how to wear them if you’re petite.

Jumpsuits, onesies, boilersuits… whatever they’re called, they’re a great item to have in your wardrobe. You really just have one decision to make, and that’s what shoes to wear with them! Jumpsuits are perfect for pretty much any time of the year! In the warmer months they look perfect with a pair of sandals for day and strappy heels at night; in winter, layered the with turtlenecks and coats and wear them with sneakers or boots.

However, if you’re on the petite side, jumpsuits can overwhelm your frame, not to mention the hemming and alterations needed! Below are some of my favourite ways to wear jumpsuits to complement my height.

Go monochromatic or subtle prints

A single colour from top to bottom lengthens the body and makes you look taller. And don’t forget print… consider an all-over small print (big prints can really overpower petite frames), or even vertical stripes which also have that lengthening effect.

Try: Monsoon

Wear a V neckline

Just like vertical stripes, V necklines have an elongating effect. This could also be achieved with a faux wrap element at the top of the jumpsuit. If the plunge of this neckline is a little too much, you could wear a lacy cami underneath. In winter, the V-neck jumpsuit could be worn with a turtleneck or with a long sleeve shirt underneath.

Try: Lovedrobe

Consider leg length depending on what shoes you’re wearing

Even though I’m only 5’0”, I just can’t wear heels anymore – I’m always on my feet chasing the kids so flats are a must. I find that jumpsuits with a cropped leg (ie finishing just above the ankle) look best when I’m wearing flats – anything longer seems to swamp my leg, and you want to show off your flats after all! However, I’ve also worn jumpsuits to more formal occasions where I’ve worn heels, and in these cases a full length jumpsuit is best. Finding cropped jumpsuits for petites is pretty much impossible though so here professional tailoring is a must to make sure the leg shape remains the same after taking up the length.

Belt it up

Petites, embrace your waist in a jumpsuit – either with a belt, sash, or with a cinched waist. Steer clear of jumpsuits that don’t have a waist whatsoever. That is the closest thing to the proverbial potato sack for us petites.

If you haven’t got a jumpsuit in your wardrobe yet check out the JD Williams range for some inspiration!

Do you have any tried and tested tips that work for you when wearing jumpsuits? What are your favourite ways to wear jumpsuits (petite or otherwise)? Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Petite style: How to to wear jumpsuits if you’re 5’4” and under

  1. You look great in your striped jumpsuit! 🙂 For me I have the issue of being so short that any waist on a jumpsuit never hits at the right point for me – I’ve tried a few and then given up. it’s the same reason I can’t wear faux wraps unless it’s a petite style!

    Hope you had a great weekend 🙂 The weekday wear linkup is live on my blog, I’d love you to join! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

    1. So sorry for the late reply! I’ve been so busy with moving into the new house I haven’t been able to blog or ‘gram or reply to emails… I’d love to join up on your link up when I’m finally settled in!! xx

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