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Home inspo: play room

The play area in our home used to be our TV room so it’s now a place where the kiddos can play with their 1000 toys (and occasionally watch TV if mummy is feeling particularly frazzled), as well as where hubster and I retire after the bedtime battle. One day I’d like to have the two rooms separate as it isn’t particularly relaxing when you have to step over an incomplete puzzle strewn across the floor, and end up sitting on Thomas the Tank Engine that’s been left on the sofa. I know the play area will need to evolve over time with the kids so it needs to be a flexible space where toys can be interchanged easily as well as furniture added or removed depending on their interests. Right now with two kids under three it’s a bit of a free for all but it also means the kids are self-accessing their toys and playing without (too much) restriction. If only I wasn’t the usual suspect when it comes time to tea parties…

Open design playroom makes adult supervision far more easy
Bright and vibrant kids' playroom sports a colorful look
Charming little fan accentuates the color scheme of the playroom
Maskros Pendant Lamp and strong colors light up this kids' room beautifully
patchwork rug of bright multicolored squares built-in storage and flatscreen TV
sensory friendly playroom makeover -tag&tibby
kids playroom decor
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