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Practical Furniture to Make Your Home Less Crowded

Need somewhere to store those extra things around the home (and help keep it looking tidy)? Click through for some clever storage ideas!

Sometimes the stuff in our home can get a little overwhelming, especially if you have kids! It just seems like they have an endless supply of toys, not to mention your own stuff that you’ve collected over the years. If you want to make the most of the space you’ve got as well as make the home more tidy and less cluttered, below are some smart and stylish ways to store your items!

Built in Wardrobe

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If you have limited space in your bedroom, or have unused space, you might want to go for a built in wardrobe. Most modern homes have built in robes, but older homes may not so while you will have to pay more for made-to-measure furniture, it will be worth it when you want to put your unused clothes away or need extra shoe racks. Before you get started and begin designing, make sure that you declutter your home first. Whatever you need space for, you will have to think creative and maximise your space.

Fold Out Chairs

If you love entertaining your friends at home, you will need extra seating readily available. Folding chairs that fit under the stairs or under the bed will be ideal for expanding your seating capacity without having to permanently take away space from your home. You can get some classy folding chairs that take up little space and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Even the ones that are made of real wood and have a seat cushion for comfort will be suitable for special occasions.

Bed with Storage

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In case you still don’t have enough storage space in the bedroom, and like putting your winter clothes and coats away in the summer and the other way around, you might benefit from an ottoman storage bed. You can store your guest bedding and extra cushions, duvets, blankets, and sheets if you have an ottoman bed. Alternatively, if you are planning on storing various items, you can opt for a bed with built in drawers, so you can organize your coats, blankets, and other items.

Storage Pouffe

You can get a couple of storage pouffe that can work as a guest seat, while holding your blanket, throw, and cushions. You can keep your unused items in there, such as a portable heater or fan you’re not currently using, or craft items you simply don’t want cluttering your living room.

Extending Tables

You might love having guests around, but a large table and all the chairs will take up a large part of your dining room or living room. The good news is that you can get an extending table that can accommodate more people when needed, but still use the space and make your room feel airy while you are on your own. You can walk around your table when you are not entertaining people, and decorate the wall, put out sideboards to make your room feel more spacious.

Bench and Shoe Storage In One


One of the areas people have a problem with is the entrance hall of the house. Whether you leave your shoes in the porch or in the hallway, you will need to invest in a practical storage solution that doesn’t only look great, but also holds your coats in the winter and hides your shoes that aren’t in use. You can get a shoe storage with a bench so you can put on and take off your shoes easily, without having to hop around on one foot.

Under Sink Storage Racks

Are you having problems with keeping your kitchen tidy and putting everything away? You might need to think about smart storage and organisation for the most frequented home in the house. Whether your under sink storage is built in or open, you will have to find a way to fit everything in without having to rummage through the shelves trying to find the kitchen cleaner or the new sponges. Under sink storage shelves can help you maximize your space and find everything exactly where you left it. From pull out drawers to spinning racks, there are several ideas to consider when you want to save space.

Utilising Dead Space

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Whether you have an unused corner or space under the stairs, you can build it in to get extra storage. You can get some great corner furniture that will help you keep more wall space empty and ready for decoration. If you have a chimney stack and some dead space next to it, you can get modular shelving to maximize wall space and display more of your decorative items.

Flexible Seating

You’ll be able to seat more people if you have a few pouffes and seating cushions around. You might even get yourself some personalised bean bags so you can stay comfortable when you are playing games or having a long chat with your family members. Think about seating that can be stored away and easily moved from one room to another.

Flick through some home and lifestyle magazines to get inspired by some of the clever and stylish ways other homeowners organise their stuff. From ottoman storage to great built in cabinets and organisers, consider the space you have and the solutions that suit your style the most!


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