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Pregnancy Style: Pre-Pregnancy Items You Can Still Wear in the Third Trimester

Or, how to feel like “you” when your body is changing every single day.

At almost 35 weeks it’s definitely getting close to D-day. The cot hasn’t been assembled yet and I haven’t even thought about the hospital bag (although Braxton-Hicks contractions lately have made me think I should probably start packing it). Even breathing can be a difficult task as the baby grows and makes less room for my diaphragm.

Nameless to say it’s getting a little harder to feel normal as the big day draws nearer.

Even though my body may not look and feel like what it used to, or things don’t function properly as they used to (I’m talking to you, bladder), and in a short while it will be completely and utterly taken over by a breastfed little baby, it’s important that in these last few weeks of calm that I kind of feel like me. To do this, here are some of the pre-pregnancy things I’ve been wearing to keep my style identity in this flurry of pregnancy hormones and general family craziness.


This includes watches and jewellery. My engagement ring hasn’t fit me since the beginning of the second trimester but I’m still able to wear some of my rings, albeit on different fingers than where I would wear them normally. I’m also wearing my necklaces (not pictured here unfortunately) before curious little fingers start tugging them.

I love my watches and thankfully my wrists haven’t swollen too much so that I can’t wear them. I do feel a little naked sometimes if I’m not wearing a watch, and I often use my watch to dictate what other jewellery and accessories to wear.


Now that Mr 2 has been fully toilet trained for a few weeks now (YAY!!) I don’t have to carry a massive bag of nappies and wipes, BUT of course this will change very soon so I’m taking advantage of using my smaller bags before I have to start lugging around the big baby bag again.


I swear my feet grew one half size bigger after my first pregnancy and they just never reverted. Thankfully though for this pregnancy my feet haven’t swollen too much, and while most of the time I’ve been wearing Birkenstocks the slightly cooler weather meant I could wear closed shoes, like these hand me down Filippo Raphael flats. Sometimes I’ll decide on what shoes to wear first and then choose what to wear from my pregnancy capsule (which seems to be slowly dwindling in what I’m able to wear as my body changes).


You can buy maternity coats, jackets etc but I just never saw the point of it. Well, I’ve never actually been heavily pregnant in winter for one, but also because you only wear it for such a short period of time. Of course this may be different for my counterparts in much colder places, but I think you could get away with wearing your pre-pregnancy outerwear, wear it undone and maybe just add a few more layers underneath (maternity or otherwise).


OK so it’s actually not an item that you’d wear but take advantage of the fuller, more luscious hair you have during pregnancy. Alas with two munchkins running circles around me in the mornings a top knot is all I can muster, but if you have more time than me go for gold with your hair.

If anything, it’s at least these items that I know I won’t be donating once baby is born – my pregnancy capsule has been very useful BUT I am getting a little weary of seeing and wearing the same clothes over and over! It won’t be long till I wear buttons and zips again…

Outfit Details
  • Jacket: Levi’s
  • Dress: Tobi (c/o)
  • Shoes: Filippo Raphael
  • Bag: vintage from Surry Hills Market
  • Watch: Jord (c/o)
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6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Style: Pre-Pregnancy Items You Can Still Wear in the Third Trimester

  1. You are looking so stylish! I can’t believe you’re so far along already! It’s flown by (or it seems to have for me, I know it’s different when it’s you who is pregnant, haha!)

    I really like your dress too, I have a similar one from ASOS and I should really get it out and give it a wear again. I loved dresses in pregnancy, which was good as not all of them were breastfeeding friendly for afterwards! So many changes and wardrobe impacts, but so worth it 🙂

    1. Aw thanks Mica 🙂 It’s rare that I’m wearing something with more effort than droppies and sneakers these days! Yes I should enjoy wearing dresses while I can, breastfeeding does make it hard to rock them haha. These last few weeks always feel like the longest in pregnancy right? Although it won’t be long til the sleepless newborn stage again!!

    1. Thanks Ruth! Yep, definitely feeling a lot heavier and slower now that I’m getting closer to D-day. I can’t wait to wear the denim jacket more as the weather cools!

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