Pregnancy Style: What to wear when you’re hiding the baby bump

In the first or second trimester and don’t want to let others know you’re expecting just yet? Here are some ideas on what to wear if you’re hiding the baby bump!

When to tell people you’re pregnant is obviously a personal preference; I always waited until after my 12/13 week scan (except for this third pregnancy, I felt compelled to tell my boss why I couldn’t work due to terrible morning sickness). Some people wait until 19/20 weeks as it’s traditionally considered the “safest” point (ie less likely for anything happening to baby after this period). If you’re lucky you may not even be showing at this point – I had someone tell me they didn’t “pop” until the 6 month mark!

This being my third pregnancy I started noticing physical changes to my body at around 8 weeks, and I was already sporting a little bump by around 10-11 weeks. (Also, being petite, the bump starts to show a little earlier – for my previous 2 pregnancies I was showing at the 14/15 week mark.) I wasn’t ready to let anyone outside of my immediate family know that I was pregnant – I hadn’t even had my first ultrasound – but if I had continued wearing some of my clothes from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe there definitely would have been some comments regarding the bump.

Work outfits became a little more challenging – while I was pretty much living in leggings every other day of the week, my work wardrobe mainly consisted of button up shirts, tailored blouses and belted pants, skirts and skinny jeans. With the changes happening early I found it hard to button up some of my shirts across the bust; the tailored blouses became a little too tight; and I couldn’t even do up my bottoms as my waist had already thickened by around 9 weeks.

If you’re hiding baby bump until you’re ready to pop the news to everyone, here’s some ideas on what you could wear to conceal the bun in the oven until then.


Not just your run of the mill Kmart leggings though – you want them to be made of a thick fabric and constructed well, so that they look like slim-fitting pants. Here I’m wearing a pair of leggings by Life With Bird (bought second hand). They’re a thicker fabric than your standard leggings and when worn with a blouse untucked over the top could easily be considered as a pair of pants. I would suggest sizing up so they could be worn throughout the pregnancy and post-partum – you could always fold down the waistband and wear it below the bump with a nice flowy blouse over the waistband.

ISABELLA OLIVER ‘Essential’ Maternity Leggings, Main, color, CAVIAR BLACK

Blouses and shirts designed to be oversized

I’m not talking about shirts that are obviously 1-2 sizes bigger than your normal size, as these can look a little schleppy. I’m talking about shirts that are constructed and meant to be worn oversized, for example this Cecilie Copenhagen top that I’m wearing. It’s one size, but could fit anyone from AUS size 6 to a small 12, and looks good on anyone within this size range. I also have a COS button up blouse that’s a size small but could easily be worn by a size 12, it’s that oversized – this was perfect to wear for work when my baby bump started popping, and it looked the same as when I had worn it when I wasn’t pregnant.

Cecilie Copenhagen

Boho blouses/tops

Boho-style blouses and tops tend to be much more flowy and relaxed, and details like ruffles can help hide the baby bump. I don’t own a lot of boho items, but this red top I wore from this post is boho inspired and is an oversized style so is great to hide the bump. Details like embroidery also help distract and detract the eye on other parts of the body away from the bump. (See also this post for a boho-inspired jacket.)

Jag Freedom Embroidered Blouse

Wrap/faux wrap tops and dresses

The wrap detail across the waist can hide baby bumps. This dress I wore in this post (when I was already starting to show!) is a faux wrap dress and the ruching from the wrapping helped to hide the burgeoning bump. Wrap dresses and tops are also perfect during and after pregnancy as they easily accommodate changes to the body (and are GREAT for breastfeeding).

Wild Rose Maxi Wrap Dress

Think fabric

Fabric like jersey or an elastane blend will cling and show off curves; for the first semester and early parts of the second semester, while you can still get away with wearing it, slightly more structured fabric like chambray skims the body and doesn’t show off any bumps. This is great for shift dresses and boxy style tops.

Mel Split-Neck Long-Sleeve Denim Shift Dress

Wearing: Cecilie Copenhagen top | Life with Bird leggings | Witchery loafers

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