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Pregnancy Style: Living in Dresses for the Third Trimester

As D-day of my third pregnancy approaches, I’m finding solace and comfort in my dresses.

I’m not much of a dress person – most days I prefer the mum uniform of jeans, tee and sneakers or flats. I generally reserve dresses for when I’m at work, when I have an opportunity to not be smeared by unintelligible substances, or for outings with hubby.

However, as my due date gets closer and the bump gets bigger, I’m finding dresses to be a much more comfortable option. Whilst I do love my maternity jeans they have been rather annoying lately, slipping down my hips so I end up hiking them back up every few minutes. My elastic waist shorts have been feeling just that little bit too tight in the last couple of weeks, and my non-maternity t-shirts in my capsule wardrobe are starting to get a wee bit cropped and showing off a bit of skin at the bottom of the bump.

My saving grace for these last few weeks have been my dresses. Stretchy cotton or jersey will always be your friend, pregnant or otherwise, and they have been a relief for me in these last few weeks. Not only are they accommodating the bump nicely, but they’re also great for the inevitable pregnancy spread (ie inability to demurely keep knees together whilst sitting).

I recently bought these APC wedges from eBay and they are so, so comfortable. It was nice to wear a little bit of a heel that’s super comfy, as I’d been spending most of the last few months of pregnancy in Birkenstocks or sneakers. I even test drove some SUVs in them (oh how exciting motherhood is).

Hopefully people aren’t looking too closely at my legs… because shaving’s a bit tricky these days 😀

Outfit Details
  • Dress: Bassike
  • Wedges: APC
  • Bag: Prene
  • Necklaces: Marc by Marc Jacobs and Alex & Ani
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5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Style: Living in Dresses for the Third Trimester

  1. Oh that’s a beautiful LBD! 🙂 I loved dresses in pregnancy too for the same reasons. Sometimes my shorter ones had to be put aside as the bump got too big to keep them at a respectable length, haha! But I loved my maxi dresses, perfect for pregnancy, even if like you said a dress sometimes feels a bit ‘overdressed’ for a stay at home mum day!

    1. Haha the dresses that are usually a little midi length on me are the ones that are working the best as the bump grows! I’m loving their new length! 😀 I wore jeans today because all my dresses were in the wash. Definitely not as comfy!

    1. Thanks Ruth! Yep I put on a pair of jeans yesterday as I hadn’t gotten around to washing my dresses and I was ready to pull them off by midday!

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