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Pregnancy Style: Maternity Jeans

If there is one item of clothing that is a must during pregnancy, it’s maternity jeans.

I’ve mentioned previously that for this third and last pregnancy that I was avoiding buying maternity items. However, I just could not live without a pair of jeans for 9 months.

I love jeans. They are my wardrobe staple and not being able to fit into some of my favourite pairs makes me feel a little like a grumpy bear. I persisted with my belly band probably up until 20 weeks, then it just got too uncomfortable.

I had bought a pair of Next Maternity jeans from Vinnies early on in the pregnancy, knowing that I couldn’t survive the 9 months without wearing jeans. However, they just kept slipping down my hips and gave me a baggy bum, and I hated hoiking them up every 5 minutes.

After a bit of sleuthing on Facebook Marketplace I found a pair of second hand Topshop maternity jeans – who knew Topshop had a maternity section? Like the Next maternity jeans they sit under the bump, but they sit a little better on my hips and I don’t need to keep pulling them up as often.

I would say maternity jeans are the most important wardrobe purchase you’ll make for your pregnancy wardrobe. They’ll be worn so often, and if you get the under the bump versions, could also be worn comfortably post-partum (just wear a billowy, flowy top and no-one will be none the wiser). For the first pregnancy I wore my trusty Target maternity jeans for a good 3-4 months after pregnancy until they became a little too slouchy to stay on my hips. Ah, if only I’d known I’d be pregnant again for a second… and third… time.

Some of my favourite maternity jeans picks:

At 30 weeks (when the photo was taken) my Cecilie Copenhagen blouse stills fit, but only just. There’s a sliver of belly that pops out between the hem of the blouse and the top of my jeans. It’s a sign *sob*.

Outfit Details
  • Blouse: Cecilie Copenhagen
  • Jeans: Topshop “Jamie” maternity jeans
  • Shoes: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand
  • Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
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4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Style: Maternity Jeans

  1. The gap between tops and the elastic under the bump is why I went with maternity tanks second time around, haha! Try tunic style tops, the longer length might still work with the bump! 🙂 You’re looking great too, those are awesome maternity jeans! I didn’t know Topshop had maternity pieces either! Not that it will help me now, two and through, haha!

    1. The Target jeans I had were so fab! Shame they don’t make them anymore 🙁 Yep my tops are definitely starting to feel a bit short. I’ve started looking at my husband’s shirt drawer to see if there’s anything I can wear, lol! This humidity is also wreaking havoc on my style. I feel so blegh at the moment!

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