Pregnancy Style: Maxi Skirt and Stripes (and hormones)

Giving the maxi skirt a run for this pregnancy, and #pregnantmumlife.

I’ve never been much of a maxi skirt person – possibly because they are so damn hard to alter for someone as short as me. They’re just so breezy and flowy though, and make for a nice alternative to my usual pencil skirts for this pregnancy.

I thrifted this H&M skirt from Glebe Markets last month for $5, choosing it because A. it had pockets and B. it was made of good old jersey so all I had to do was chop off the excess without the need to hem it. However, I have only worn it once or twice since because I just have no idea when it comes to styling maxi skirts.

When in doubt, stripes.

The tank is new from bassike (bought during a sale months ago), and I don’t mind buying new from this brand because of its ethical values and use of organic cotton. I did buy a size bigger than my usual so it could accommodate growing bump, but the armholes are wayyyyyy big so a modesty singlet is needed underneath, unless side boob is your thing.

It was a little cooler today but not cold enough to wear a full-on denim jacket, so this chambray shirt (bought second hand from Carousell) served well to cover up said armholes as well as take the chill away without being too heavy.

And while I’m smiling in these pics they do hide what I suspect are raging pregnancy hormones making me feel schlumpy and short of patience and emotional and generally crappy. It doesn’t help that Mr 2 has been waking every single night at godawful hours for a glass of water / to be tucked in again / to come to our bed / because he wants a cuddle. So I’m feeling really out of sorts and tired and frustrated.

I don’t follow these accounts on Instagram but I do know of those Instagram stars who are mums (think What Would Karl Do, Rozalia Russian, Bec Judd) and I wonder how the hell they look so put together and glam and well dressed in every single post, even when they were pregnant. Because there are days when I’m lucky to wash my hair, and on those days when hubby isn’t home and I want to take a shower I’m yelling at the kids to hang around in front of the bathroom door so I can keep an eye on them while I’m taking that 2 minute shower. I’m at that stage in the pregnancy when some of my favourite clothes aren’t quite fitting anymore and I miss them badly and the clothes I can fit into I’m not overly happy with and feel so terribly frumpy. For blog photos like the ones in this post I don’t have a glamorous setting, because Instagram Husband and I need to be near our kids while we’re taking the photos so we can be sure they’re not trashing the house.

But this is real life and real life means that most people aren’t glamorous and wearing designer gear and sporting gloriously curly and bouncy hair as they traipse about at horse races being ambassadors for champagne brands. Real life means most days your hair isn’t washed and is mostly dry shampoo. Real life means your kids do give you hell and wake you up and demand milk at 3am in the morning and then beg to sleep in your bed even though they like to practice their karate skills when they’re sleeping and you’re left with bruises and bags under your eyes the next day.


Outfit details

Button up: Sportsgirl (similar)
Tank: Bassike (similar)
Skirt: H&M (similar)
Espadrilles: Human Premium (similar)
Bag: Prene (similar)
Bracelets: Alex and Ani

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