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Pregnancy Style: What Maternity Clothes?

Shunning maternity clothes for my third pregnancy and surviving Sydney humidity.

So this isn’t the most stylish outfit in the world. It’s been so crazy humid in Sydney that survival has been more important than style.

When the barometer read in the 60s for humidity the first thing I did was whip out these pants. While I do love dresses and skirts, I just feel more me in pants and jeans. Also, I have been unashamedly pregnancy-spreading and pants and jeans enable this to be much more comfortable.

If/when you’re pregnant, try checking out slouchy pants in your own size, as you may be pleasantly surprised that they still fit, albeit a bit lower on your waist. I never liked over the bump bottoms and tended to wear below the bump jeans and shorts for all my pregnancies. These are good old Sportsgirl drop crotch pants in my regular size – elastic waisted and faux drawstring, which I just wear under the bump and fold over once to make it the right length.

Like the pants above, it’s worth checking out tops that you would normally wear, but maybe just a little bigger than usual. Or even in your regular size, but intentionally designed to be an oversized fit. I used to have quite a few maternity tops but decided for this pregnancy I would just wear my oversized ones, or buy ones that are 1-2 sizes larger than my normal size.

When I spied this The Upside tank in the Christmas sales I was doubtful it would fit as it was an XS. I was pleasantly surprised though that it did fit over the bump, although snugly, and I could probably get a few wears out of it before it became a little too tight to wear.

Personally, I’ve found maternity clothes to be not very “me”, so the best thing about wearing non-maternity clothes during pregnancy is that you’ll be able to wear them post-birth. Realistically, post-pregnancy bodies will take time to recover from carrying those little miracles, so having clothes that are more “you” and fit during the recovery period is great.

If ever in doubt about wearing the same thing over and over again, shoes will always save the day. Thankfully mine haven’t changed in size too much, so I use my shoes to help lift my outfits from monotony. And it gives me an excuse to buy them (“but hubby, these are the only things that fiiiiiiiiit right now“).

Outfit details
  • Tank: The Upside
  • Pants: Sportsgirl
  • Shoes: Gucci
  • Bag: Prene


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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Style: What Maternity Clothes?

  1. That is a very fun tank! And I’m sure that the love for elastic waists on non-maternity clothes has had an impact on my buying, I’ll go nuts over anything and everything if it’s elasticated now, haha. It does make it easier, especially if you can wear it under the bump. My boys loved to get right out there in front of me so my giant belly meant I needed a few maternity tops as most of mine weren’t long enough. I do miss some of my maternity pieces now and then, but buying comfy slouchy items post-baby helps, haha!

    1. I have to say some of my non-maternity tops are starting to feel a teensy bit snug, and there’s a sliver of skin showing between the hem of the shirt and the top of the pants/shorts 🙁 Nothing a tank underneath can’t fix I suppose, but it’s still so hot to be layering! What happened to the cool change??

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