Pregnancy Style: Yet Another Dress + Third Trimester Update

Yes, another dress for this outfit post, and an update on my third trimester.

I mentioned in my last post that I had been living in dresses lately. Here’s yet another dress to keep me clothed in the last four weeks of this pregnancy.

Dresses the last four weeks of this pregnancy

The last time I wore this dress was when I was 20 weeks pregnant. It had been so hot and humid in Sydney since then that any attempt to wear sleeves was immediately abandoned.

Left: 20 weeks (and when I could lace up shoes); right: almost 36 weeks.

The dress was kindly given to me by a friend who was adamant that 2 girls was enough. It’s one of the very few maternity items I have in my pregnancy capsule wardrobe and I’m grateful for its stretchy, comfy goodness in these last few weeks.

I thought I’d also share a little update on how this third trimester is going.


I’m pretty tired a lot these days, hence the slowing down of social media. I simply don’t have the energy to think of a decent post. I’d rather post something that was interesting rather than for the sake of it. Blogging may also take a backseat as I head towards D-Day; who knows when this baby’s going to pop out.

I’ve been on unintended extended maternity leave because of the nature of my work, and have been a stay at home mum for the last 8 weeks. Whilst I was only working 3 days a week, I feel like my life is a hell of a lot busier now as a SAHM than when I was working, especially with school back in session. Drop offs, pick ups, sporting activities, social activities etc (and this is just for the kids alone) have filled the calendar pretty quickly. Add the hospital and specialist appointments, my own errands, and general running of the household… by the end of the day I’m shattered. Hats off to all SAHMs, SAHDs and single parents who do this without a second thought.


WTF is sleep? While I’m grateful he’s not weeing in the bed, my 2 year old has gotten into the habit of waking 2-3 times at night to go to the toilet, waking me and hubby up as well to help out. I’m also just waking up constantly to heave the bump from one side to another, because lying on one side for too long causes pins and needles. Throw in the 6.30am wake up calls and inability to fall asleep straight away some nights and I’m wondering if I’ll ever sleep again.

Gestational Diabetes

I was pretty proud of myself for generally keeping by blood sugar to an acceptable level since my diagnosis without medication or insulin. There were a few spikes here and there but it was deemed OK by the endocrinologist. However, the last few days saw my fasting (before breakfast) numbers get higher than recommended… and today I was told I’d have to take medication :'( I know it’s meant to help me and the baby, but it also means I can’t see my usual midwife anymore and that I’d have to go to the high risk clinic for the rest of the pregnancy. It’s a bit of a bummer as the midwife is pretty familiar with all the ins and outs of my pregnancy, and now I’d be dealing with someone whom I haven’t had that relationship with.

In terms of the diet, I’m getting pretty tired of measuring my carbs and eating only certain amounts of food. I really want to eat a block of chocolate or a decent Magnum but have to settle for a piece of fruit or yogurt instead. Yes, yes, it’s for the good of me and the baby… I’ve already given hubby a list of the forbidden items I’m going to scoff as soon as I get the all clear. A bottle of moscato would make the list perfect, alas no alcohol whilst breastfeeding.


No signs as yet at 36 weeks, but I am getting the odd contraction that feels a little different to the usual Braxton-Hicks ones. The baby is positioned nicely, so it seems to know the way out. (If you’re wondering why I’m using “it”, it’s because I don’t know the gender of the baby. We like surprises.) The baby is also positioned in such a way that I can feel a heel, or a knee, pressing against the stomach. It’s also been very kind as to make less room for my diaphragm so that even activities such as hanging clothes on the clothesline leaves me breathless. It occasionally also settles itself on some nerves so I sometimes end up with a dull pain which may last for a while until the baby moves. All very normal at this stage of the pregnancy apparently.

It sounds like I’m having a terrible time… and I have to admit this pregnancy has been the hardest one yet with all the running around I’m doing and the gestational diabetes. I’m a little anxious and apprehensive about how life is going to change yet again once the baby comes along, but I’m also looking forward to having my amazing support network help allay any fears or challenges I’ll have so I can focus on the most important thing – looking after the baby!

Outfit Details

Dress: ASOS Maternity
Shoes: Filippo Raphael
Bracelets: Alex & Ani

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