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Pregnancy Style: Ruffled Skirts

Getting girly in a newly acquired ruffled skirt.

I mentioned in this post that I felt my style was changing a little with this pregnancy. I suddenly had the urge to wear more girly, feminine stuff. Whether it be hormones, or the gender of the baby I’m carrying (no, I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, just speculating), for some reason everything ruffly is catching my eye.

Being able to convince both hubby and the kids to go on a shopping expedition at the weekend to find said ruffly stuff was tricky. A shopping centre with a play area as well as a large JB Hi-Fi suited all family members.

Finding the perfect skirt however proved to be a lot less easier. I had already scoured the markets and my usual online secondhand channels for the right ruffly skirt. The requirements were:

  • elastic waisted to accommodate bump
  • printed – floral preferably
  • red or burgundy
  • not too short – just above the knee.

The options were limited – zip waists were out of the question; yellow printed skirts didn’t go with my skin tone; many were dangerously short.

Finally I tried on this skirt from French Connection and while it wasn’t red nor floral printed, it was perfectly elastic waisted and the length covered a decent amount of thigh.

Although it wasn’t the colour I was after, the myriad of other colours against the black makes it pretty easy to style with a lot of my tops, which I guess in hindsight would make it more versatile than a red one. However, how much fun would a red one be?

In addition to the above skirt I also bought this Ganni leaf printed skirt on ASOS (did I mention I was obsessed with girly stuff at the moment?).

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4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Style: Ruffled Skirts

  1. That is such a cute skirt! I hope you find your red one too! I thrifted a fab red maxi skirt a few weeks ago and I love it so much I’m considering getting it properly hemmed instead of doing my usual petite trick of just wearing it higher, haha!

    At least you have a cute skirt to wear that meets most of your requirements until you can add the perfect red one to your wardrobe!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Still keeping my eye on that elusive red ruffle skirt! Maybe the Black Friday sales might prove to be successful! Or maybe I should just let the pregnancy hormones die down, haha!

    1. Thanks so much lovely! It’s crazy what pregnancy does. The third pregnancy also feels a heck of a lot different to the first 2!

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