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Shopping: Winter Wishlist

Some things I have my eyes on for the upcoming cold Sydney winter.

Belted coat

I love how the belted coat gives a bit of shape when you’re layered up in winter. This one from Zaful also has some great statement lapels and is in a beautiful wine/burgundy shade, which is actually a really versatile colour.

Belted Coat, Zaful

Turtleneck Sweater

Scarves are fabulous accessories, but sometimes you just want to forgo wearing an extra item. Turtlenecks are great for keeping your neck warm during winter! While white will be risky with 3 young ones, it’s a fresh update to the usual darker neutrals I wear.

White turtleneck pullover, Zaful

Straight leg jeans

Okaaaaaaay you’re probably sick of me going on and on about jeans, but just one more note: I’m really into straight leg jeans at the moment. The more classic the shade of denim is and the higher the waist, the better. These tick both boxes.

Straight Leg Jeans with Zipper Fly and Pockets, Zaful

Graphic sweater

A fun way to update your winter wardrobe is with a graphic sweater. Flamingoes are my favourite bird and I love how the red fabric and the pink flamingo go together on this sweater. (It also comes in grey and millenial pink!) I wrote about some ideas on how to wear a graphic sweater in winter here.

Flamingo Print Crew Neck Sweater, Zaful

Wrap anything

Anything that has a wrap detail, be it a sweater like this one from Zaful, a blouse or dress, is both stylish and breastfeeding friendly.

Ribbed Wrap Sweater, Zaful

Flat Mules

I’ve been eyeing off mules for a while now as they’re a great seasonal shoe for when you need to cover the toes but it’s not cold enough to completely cover the foot. Also, they’re a great mum shoe because you just need to slip them on – no need to fiddle with laces or buckles when you’re holding schoolbags and a baby! The embroidery detail of course I couldn’t resist.

Pointed toe embroidery mule, Zaful

Fedora Hat

I’m not much of a beanie person but my head does get cold in winter. Fedora hats like this one are a nice alternative to a beanie, and the neutral colour means it goes with pretty much everything!

Vintage felt fedora hat, Zaful

What are you eyeing off for winter (or summer if you’re in the northern hemisphere)? I’d love to see some inspiration!

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4 thoughts on “Shopping: Winter Wishlist

  1. Oht aht graphic jumper is so fun! 🙂 And a big yes to wrap everything, wrap styles are the best and I’m still wearing and enjoying the wrap pieces I bought for breastfeeding even now! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend 🙂

    1. I had a great weekend, if a little chaotic! Hope you had a lovely one too.

      There’s actually a wrap dress I’ve been eyeing off on that Zaful website but it’s a bit too *ahem* similar to a high-end design and it might actually end up making me look a little booby… so stuck with a more conservative wrap jumper! If only I was younger to pull the dress off! 😀

    2. I can’t resist a cute graphic sweater! I’m on the hunt for a wrap dress that can fit my breastfeeding boobs 😀

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