Shopping: how to buy affordable (and authentic) luxury items

So you want to buy a designer item because of its longevity and quality. BUT you can’t afford the retail price, which is understandable. You might then look at getting a second hand one instead, and might check out eBay. When shopping for luxury or designer items second hand, how do you know if what you’re buying is legit?

I’ve heard horror stories of buyers who have been scammed on eBay, having thought they’d bought an authentic designer bag or item, only to realise soon after that it’s a fake. Indeed, I’ve unwittingly bought a fake designer piece myself (I’ll share this story in another blog post).

The buyers who have then realised they’ve bought a fake then have had to go through a torturous process of trying to get their money back. Countless emails and threats later, most have got their money back, some unfortunately have been left empty-handed except with a fake bag in their possession.

How do you prevent yourself from getting into a similar situation if you want to buy a luxury item second hand? You could ask for a receipt as proof of purchase, but even these can be forged these days. (I have even heard of people selling their receipts so that others can buy it and use it as “proof of purchase” for their fake item! Crazy isn’t it?) You could also get the item professionally authenticated, but that’s usually an additional cost to you.

Enter ShopWorn, which is an online destination for those who want to buy authentic luxury and designer items at a lower price point. ShopWorn specialises in stocking display-model designer jewellery, accessories, watches and handbags that have been sourced from luxury retailers around the world. These items have never been worn buy anyone – they’ve perhaps been gently handled by a customer – so they’re in pretty brand new condition.


Most retailers would rather die than be caught dead with a fake item. Think of the litigation fees! Even so, the items that are sent on to ShopWorn go through a thorough inspection so that they’re checked for authenticity and you don’t need to go through a separate authentication process.


I mentioned that ShopWorn offers lower price points for its display model, almost-brand-new items. For example:

Celine Mini Luggage Bag: RRP USD$3,100; ShopWorn price $1,900 (save 39%). I’ve seen this same bag listed on one of my Facebook group pages for AUD$2,700 in pre-owned condition.

Rolex Datejust 18K white gold and steel automatic watch: RRP USD$7,150; Shopworn price USD$4,175 (save 42%).
Similar watches have been listed for around AUD$8,000.


As we know designer items are made to last. When items are sent to ShopWorn, not only are they checked for authenticity but also that they’re in flawless condition.

The next time you’re after a quality (and authentic!) designer item but can’t quite afford the retail price, check out ShopWorn. You can also visit their blog, Facebook and Instagram for some designer inspo!

This blog post was written in collaboration with ShopWorn. All images above courtesy of ShopWorn.

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4 thoughts on “Shopping: how to buy affordable (and authentic) luxury items

  1. Oh I hadn’t heard of shopworn before,t hanks for the introduction! Looks like it has some really nice brands, sadly brands that are out of my budget which might be why I hadn’t heard of them before!

    1. Thanks Mica! I’ve heard really horrible stories of people buying fakes on ebay and even the buy/swap/sell groups on Facebook that I’m a member of, and it’s always a terrible process trying to get back all that money that was spent. I think if you want to buy authentic stuff then it’s probably worth spending the money and getting it from reputable retailers right? (I agree, these brands are out of my budget at the moment – one day when we’re both super successful bloggers 😉 )

    1. Thanks lovely! I’m always on the hunt for authentic designer goods at a lower price point, especially after all the scam stories I’ve heard!

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