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Simple Ways To Save Money On Kid’s Clothes

Budgeting for a family is tough and one of the largest expenses that you have to deal with is kids’ clothes. Here are some of the best ways to save money on kids’ gear!

Kids go through their clothes so quickly and it seems like they need new stuff all the time. Things get dirty or ripped within seconds of them putting them on and when they’re younger, they grow out of things before your eyes. If you’re paying too much for your kids clothes, you will find it so hard to manage your budget effectively, so you need to find ways to spend less.

Hand Me Downs

If you know anybody else that has kids, let them know that you’re willing to take any hand me downs that they have – more often than not they’ll be happy to declutter their kids’ wardrobes. This is one of the most sustainable ways to get clothes for kids – they grow out of stuff so quickly that a lot of it will still be in good condition and your kids can get some use out of it as well. This is such a huge help for both of you because they can get rid of things that are cluttering up the house and you don’t have to buy as many clothes. Just remember to keep all of your old stuff so you can return the favour and pass them on to somebody else in the future. You can also sell some of your old clothes and toys to make a bit of extra money so you can afford new stuff. Visit https://blogs.brighthorizons.com/familyroom/ for a great guide to selling old kids stuff online.

Buy Quality For Certain Items

Buying expensive, good quality clothing might seem like a bad idea when you’re trying to save money, but it is actually better in some cases, like shoes or special occasion outfits. For outfits that they will wear on special occasions, consider getting better quality stuff like the outfits at https://oeteo.com.au/collections/baby-girl-clothes because they will last a lot longer. They won’t get too much wear and tear if they are not day to day outfits, and better quality clothes won’t need to be replaced as often.

Buy Cheap For Other Things

The previous rule doesn’t apply for things that they’re going to wear day to day. They’ll be playing outside and getting dirty so those clothes are going to get ruined regardless and there isn’t really much that you can do about it. For these “playtime” outfits, save your money and buy cheaper clothes instead.

Buy Second Hand

The easiest way to save money on quality items is to buy second hand. There are so many different places you can find great second hand clothes like thrift shops, eBay, and Facebook. If you check regularly, you can find some great deals and save yourself a lot of money. Just be careful when buying second hand items online and make sure that you check people’s ratings thoroughly and look carefully at the pictures. The majority of stuff that you find will be as listed but unfortunately there are some dishonest people out there that will try to rip you off.

Buying kid’s clothes is always going to be expensive, but you can save a lot of money using these tips!

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3 thoughts on “Simple Ways To Save Money On Kid’s Clothes

  1. These are good tips! i buy a lot of second hand pieces for the boys – it’s so much more affordable, and they seem to be really hard on their clothes, being boys they are always getting things ripped or stained, haha!

    1. Yes me too! I swear the youngest two are so rough on their clothes – the eldest girl’s clothes are pristine! Definitely not worth buying expensive clothes for them haha!

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