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Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Getting deep and meaningful on my love-hate relationship with social media.

If you’ve followed along on the blog you’ll know I deleted my original Instagram account because I needed time away from the ‘gram – I found I was focusing on numbers and spending too much time on it. I came back to Insta with a new account though because I missed the sense of community.

However, I’ve been a bit disillusioned with Instagram lately. Other than some of my favourite, genuine ‘grammers, a lot of the people I followed had a message to either do this, buy this, check this out, #gifted, #spon, #ad, etc etc in almost every post… it was getting pretty tiresome. Not to mention the faux influencers who follow and unfollow with the help of a bot.

Some of the original street style bloggers I used to love aren’t really doing street style anymore… the likes of Sincerely Jules for example, who seems to be doing a lot of travel posts and partner posts recently. Which is great for her, I’m sure she’s getting paid pretty well for each partnership and destination she posts, but I kind of miss her original casual-cool outfit posts, which is what enabled her to achieve her influencer status in the first place.

This whole concept of being an “influencer” still baffles me… to me, it seems to be all based on numbers, although you also now have the “microinfluencer”, who doesn’t have the reach of say Sincerely Jules but has a high enough engagement that brands love. But there also seem to be so many microinfluencers now that a majority of the posts in my feed has something gifted or is a sponsored post or they’re a brand ambassador for something.

I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m bashing microinfluencers! Being acknowledged for your work with freebies is pretty good. If I had the reach, I’d love to be gifted some stuff to “influence” people, but I’d like to influence them in a way that encourages more intentional and mindful purchasing, 30 wears, and choosing preloved. And not all microinfluencers on Instagram are just plugging the stuff they’ve been gifted. It just seems to me that Instagram has now become more of an advertising platform, rather than a place where beautiful photos could be posted, original styles could be shared, and like-minded people can communicate and collaborate.

So if you’re following me on Instagram… thank you! I appreciate your engagement in my posts and am grateful for all the positive feedback and sense of community. This is why I came back to social media in the first place.

It may seem that I chose my t-shirt to fit in with the theme of my post… but really I bought it before I had even thought about this post, as it was just a cool slogan tee. It was bought brand new, but I love the Nobody Denim label and am always happy to support an Australian label. The Sussan cardigan has worked hard for me this winter (see here and here for example) and it’s working its way to 20 wears before the end of winter.

What I’m Wearing:
  • Cardigan: Sussan
  • Shirt: Nobody Denim
  • Jeans: Paige (secondhand)
  • Boots: Office
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(By the way: I recently had to set my Instagram account to private as I had a bit of a situation (outside of Instagram) I needed to manage… while I won’t go into detail as to what happened, I felt I needed to lock it down in case my photos could be used without my consent. I could manage it if they were photos of me, but as I had occasionally put photos of my kids on my feed I wasn’t cool with these being used with impropriety. The same goes with some of the blog posts here that featured the kiddos. Apologies if you’ve been trying to access them… I’ll eventually take the privacy setting off on both the posts and Insta.)

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4 thoughts on “Social Media: Friend or Foe?

  1. I love this outfit with the graphic tee, boots, jeans and maxi cardi. My kind of outfit! 🙂 I have a pair of Nobody denim jeans and I’d love more but the price is a lot higher than my usual jeans, so it takes some getting used to.

    I think it is tough on instagram – it’s good for people you follow to see them get opportunities they want, but it can be a bit much in your feed. I find that when something starts getting popular with people I follow it kinda puts me off the brand, although I’m not sure how much I can comment given that I’ve accepted a brand rep position, ha!

    Hope things get more manageable soon in terms of the situation you had – here if you need anything!

    1. I know what you mean about the brands, that does get tiresome too! In your case I love that you also mix in your opshop finds and also talk about 30 wears, rather than just wearing something gifted once for the ‘gram. I used to follow a lot of grammers who would promote something that they were gifted only to see the same items being sold on reselling platforms after only wearing it that one time for their IG. It seems a bit dishonest.

  2. I think the t shirt is pretty cool. The way you styled it! I understand what you’re saying. So much of my feed is actual advertisements of fashion bloggers selling things. I get it. I do. But I also crave those just because posts that doesn’t include the liketokit link.

    1. Oh I get it too! Eeryone would love for their Instagram to be monetized and be paid for doing what they love. But I also like the “just because” posts like you mentioned… I tend to interact with the accounts that have those more than the ones that are purely to push a product in every post. Sometimes I think social media is losing its “social” aspect because of this.

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