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Some Benefits of Taking Your Kids Travelling

Why it’s a good idea to take your kids travelling (even if it is a little stressful at times!).

There must be millions of books, articles, blog posts and vlogs out there about the life-changing benefits of travel. The stories are often pretty similar; people go overseas and gain a new appreciation for the richness of the world, they develop new hobbies they’d never previously thought of trying, they gain the mental space to rise beyond their problems and turn over a new leaf, etc.

Wanderlust is something that seems built into just about everyone on some primal level, but just because many of the Instagram travel crowd are young people without families, doesn’t mean that there aren’t tremendous benefits to travelling as a mother with a partner and children in tow. In fact, taking your kids travelling may have some tremendous benefits for their development.

Visiting new places can teach your children to appreciate the wonders of the world at large, and to appreciate what they have at home

Children are naturally curious and adventurous — they love asking questions and finding out how the world works and why.

Taking your kids on overseas vacations can feed their sense of awe in some truly profound ways. It can show them that yes, the things they read about in books or see on TV actually DO exist. It can show them that the world is even more wondrous and strange than they’d ever previously imagined. It can grant them an appreciation of the different traditions, peoples, and cultures of the world, and it can inspire their curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

If you’re unsure of what overseas destination to take your children, Hawaii is a great place for families as it’s both kid-friendly and rich in natural wonders and culture. A stay in Marriott’s Waikoloa Ocean Club, for example, could provide a perfect opportunity for introducing your child to laid-back Hawaiian culture, as well as teaching them something about how volcanoes work.

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Travelling can also remind your kids to appreciate what they have at home. Because after a time spent away, it’s always easier to be reminded of the things we appreciate most about our own corner of the world once we return.

Travel is a great way of introducing your children to new languages

Being multilingual is a major benefit in life, both in terms of career prospects and also in terms of mental development. It has been suggested, for example, that children who learn multiple languages at a young age find it easier to pick up additional languages later in life, and may even have an enhanced capacity for learning.

Travelling is a fantastic way to expose your children to new languages. If your kids are still too young to be studying languages at school, these outings can feed an early interest in linguistics that will bear fruit in years to come. If they’re already studying other languages at school, travelling to places where those languages are spoken is a great way of nudging them to practice.

Travel can help your kids let go of stress and anxiety

Children are human just like us, and although childhood should be a blissful time, even kids are subject to stress and anxiety from time to time. If your children are highly strung or upset about something, travel can provide a great opportunity for them to relax and let go, in a restful new locale.

A family holiday – if done right – should leave your child energised and happy. It should also provide a good opportunity for you to communicate with them about anything that might be on their mind back at home. Where do you want to take your family on your next holiday?

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5 thoughts on “Some Benefits of Taking Your Kids Travelling

  1. Why we won’t be going to Hawaii any time soon – the volcanoes are a bit too active! I would like to take another trip with the boys. We flew to Sydney for a few days last year and that was a lot of fun 🙂

    1. Haha! Active volcanoes or not, travelling with kids is pretty hard – every time we go to WA and it’s a crappy flight I say to my husband “never again!”

  2. Wonderful tips. Traveling with kids can be sometimes frustrating but we also get to learn various things from them like to enjoy every single moment without any worries and getting friendly with other travelers. I have planned a trip with my son to Italy the next month and I hope he enjoys it. Keep posting such useful tips.

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