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Storage Solutions for Your Home

Some storage ideas to consider when the things in your home (literally) start getting on top of you!

Every parent knows that it’s almost impossible to keep your home spotless and pristine when you have little ones running around. The moment that you have children, you can wave goodbye to show home-type living spaces that look as though they could have been picked straight from the glossy pages of a lifestyle magazine!

Storage solutions aren’t only for families wanting to free up some space in the home though. Maybe you live in a small home and can’t fit all the things you need in the space you have. Perhaps you’re renting and don’t want to keep everything in the one place if you know you’ll be on the move again. Or maybe you’re in the process of selling your home and need to store some items you don’t need while the home is open for inspection. Below are some ideas on how to keep your items safely stored and keep the home organised!

Self Storage 

Let’s start with the big items that need to be tucked aside. When you have kids, you tend to take on all sorts of big items that you might not need out year-round. For example, if you celebrate Christmas you may have a huge artificial tree for the occasion. This is great during December, but can take up valuable cupboard space for the other eleven months of the year. Maybe you have a cot that your little ones have grown out of, but don’t want to throw away in case you decide to let your family expand again. Whatever the large item, it can be stored safely outside of your home until you need it. Just use a self storage cost estimator to work out the lowest price possible for these items to be securely stored elsewhere.

Toy Storage

The main source of clutter in a family home tends to be toys. Not only does they make the living space look a mess, but stray toys scattered about the floor can also prove a safety hazard. Avoid slips, trips, and falls by investing in some effective toy storage solutions.  Consider things like under bed storage, which generally consist of drawers on wheels which can roll out so they’re easier for kids to access. Alternatively, you can simply slide storage boxes under the bed.

Storage boxes are also great for keeping toys under a bench or in a bookshelf.  If you want to keep things out in the open space of the room, wicker baskets should do the job – they look great AND are an easy way to store toys. A cheap and environmentally friendly solution is canvas drawstring bags, which kids can pull out one at a time and then easily pack away once they’re finished playing with their toys.


Clothes Storage 

Another area in the house that can start getting out of control is the closet. Before storing your clothes storage though, it’s a good idea to declutter and get rid of old clothes, accessories and shoes you don’t wear anymore or are beyond repair. Once you’ve got the items you’re happy to keep, consider getting storage boxes to fold up your knits and other bulky items for winter and keeping only the warm weather clothes on display in your closet for spring and summer. When the cold weather hits, pack away the t-shirts and shorts and take out all the woollies for autumn and winter. For things like bags and shoes, you may want to get some shelves or boxes to keep them in good shape while you’re not using them.


These are just some easy yet effective ways to keep things at home stored and organised! How do you keep your home organised and clutter-free?



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6 thoughts on “Storage Solutions for Your Home

  1. I do the storage under bed thin, and the boxing up winter clothes thing. I still feel like I have no storage space though, haha! I’d love to get a book case as we definitely have more books than toys, but the ones we have are overflowing. Once we get a bigger place a proper book case is on the list!

    1. We use the Ikea bookcases which have worked well for us but I find the kids are terrible at putting books away – like on top of each other or with the spines inside than out. I’m a little anal about it obviously, haha! I’ve had to put an insert in one of the squares of the sheld so that the kids can pull it out and easily see which book they want rather than pull out every single book, look at the cover, and leave it on the floor if it’s the wrong one!

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