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Style Challenge: 5 items, 5 outfits (with black and burgundy)

I recently participated in a short but fun style challenge with Ruth from My Little Nest and Mica from Away From the Blue. Here’s how it went!

I had always loved Ruth’s 5×5 challenge and wanted to do something similar. Ruth and Mica were both keen so we decided to do a colour themed 5×5!

The rules were:

  1. Select 5 items (shoes, accessories, outerwear and bags excluded).
  2. The items had to be black or burgundy.
  3. Create 5 outfits from the 5 items to wear over 5 days.

I don’t normally post on Instagram daily but this was an excuse to A. post daily and B. get dressed! These were my items for the week.

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L-R: black Bassike pants | black Sass and Bide tee | burgundy Cecilie Copenhagen shorts | burgundy Cecilie Copenhagen blouse | burgundy ASOS maternity dress (all secondhand!)

Day 1: black pants, black tee – for a day at work. I added burgundy shoes and my trusty burgundy Whistles backpack for a nod to our other colour for the challenge.

Day 2: burgundy blouse, burgundy shorts – for a day of errands and keeping an eye on Mr 2 as he seemed a little unwell.

Day 3: the outfit I had in mind didn’t go to plan as Mr 2 took a turn for the worse overnight, and had to stay home for the day. I repeated Day 1’s outfit and added my knitted burgundy cardi for a day at home.

Day 4: black tee, burgundy shorts. By this stage my black tee had been worn 3 times and it was almost ready to walk itself to the washing machine.

Day 5: burgundy dress for a day at work.

What I learned: having only 5 items to choose from did make outfit planning a little easier BUT by the end I was itching for some injection of other colours. I’m not one of those people who can easily cope with a limited colour palette (but kudos to those who can!). Also, I needed a back up plan for those days when I was just at home taking care of a sick child and my items weren’t really suited for that activity.

Check out Mica‘s and Ruth‘s outfits from the style challenge below!

Mica – Away From The Blue

Ruth – My Little Nest

We’ll probably do another style challenge in the near future so be sure to follow us and see what we’ll do next! It was so much fun showcasing our different styles and climates – feel free to join in if you’re up for the challenge too!

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3 thoughts on “Style Challenge: 5 items, 5 outfits (with black and burgundy)

  1. This is such a good wrap up of the challenge! It was a lot of fun too! I was lucky that my days pretty much went to plan so I could wear what I’d thought up – it’s so difficult when little ones are sick, but you did it so well! 🙂 And dressing a growing bump must have made this challenge even harder for you!

    1. It was fun, especially with the colour scheme! I have to admit I initially just wanted to stick to all black but that wouldn’t have been much fun – burgundy is one of the few colours I have in my wardrobe!

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