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Style: For the love of high waisted jeans

You know you’re a mum when… you prefer high-waisted jeans over others.

Yes, another post about jeans. Yes, I am obsessed with them, I’m not going to apologise for that.

When I was in my late teens and most of my twenties, skinny leg low-rise/low-waisted jeans were hot. This may or may not have been due to the Britney effect. Never mind that I actually didn’t have Britney’s rock-hard abs to really pull them off with justice. Also, being short the back pockets almost always ended up at the top of my thighs rather than on my actual bum. Low rise jeans were just so on-trend that everyone had at least one pair.

As my metabolism slowed and motherhood approached, I started going for more modest mid-rise jeans. Still skinny leg but with a slightly higher rise, I still had the issue with the back pockets but at least my butt crack wasn’t about to pop out.

Now after three kids and little time to exercise there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY IN THIS WORLD I would be rocking the same low rise jeans that I did in my twenties. I’ll leave that to the young ones with gym memberships, thanks. I still have a few pairs of mid-rise jeans that I love, but more often than not I’ll be wearing high-waisted jeans.

Reasons why I’m digging high-waisted jeans now:

  • the back pockets are actually on my bum cheeks rather than below them or halfway down my thighs.
  • the higher waist also means my short legs look longer.
  • the waist coverage keeps mum tum in check.

While I’ve still got a soft spot for skinny jeans, I’ve also added a few pairs of high-waisted straight leg jeans to my collection. I find jeans with 100% cotton (ie no stretch) are better for straight leg jeans as I want the shape to stay the same after a few wears, rather than warping after a few wears (which can happen with jeans that have stretch). Having said that, high-waisted jeans with stretch are great for mamas with active kids – they’re like wearing leggings!

Have you ditched the low waist jeans and opted for mum-friendly high waist ones? (Although, Britney is a mum now too AND still rocks low rise jeans! You go girl!)

What I’m Wearing
  • Cardigan: Sussan
  • Shirt: Saba
  • Jeans: Agolde (bought secondhand via Carousell)
  • Shoes: Witchery (bought secondhand via Carousell)
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9 thoughts on “Style: For the love of high waisted jeans

  1. I think jeans are a mum staple – never feel bad for rocking them! I absolutely hated high waist jeans. I have a short torso as it is and felt they kinda cut it off a bit. Now I’m realising the jeans with the higher rises are the ones I feel most comfortable in with that dreaded mum-tum, ha! I had bad diastasis recti this time around and I have to be so careful, if the jeans hit at the wrong point they can cause abit of pain. So I’m having to be selective with what jeans I wear! I’d like to buy more but I haven’t seen any that appeal to me yet – with printed ones and colourful ones I don’t really need anything new, just a different rise on a few of them maybe!

    Hope that you have a great weekend ahead of you 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Generally I find jeans shopping very hit and miss! I think once we’ve found the perfect jeans we should get them in all the washes, haha!

  2. I recently got into the high waisted trend and let tell you, whoever invented high waisted is a genius! I am a mama too and as I have less time to take care of me, I need simple life hacks to do the musclework! Love this effortlessly beautiful outfit! Stripes shirts are my go to as well.

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    1. Thanks so much Maureen! Any item of clothing that keeps me looking a little bit put together even if mentally I’m not always works for me, haha!

  3. Love them – as long as the waist doesn’t come up past my belly button. If it does then it’s going to be less comfortable. I have been looking for such jeans in low- or non-stretch denim, and find that some stretch denims stretch out too much after just an hour or so or wear, while others keep their shape. It’s hard to know which one I’m going to getting before actually buying them!

    1. That’s true! I have the same issue being petite, if the rise is too high then it’s not really comfortable. Jeans shopping is a bit of a nightmare isn’t it! In terms of low/non-stretch jeans Levi’s 501s are probably the best, as well as Topshop (eg the mom jeans or straight leg jeans). For stretch denim, Uniqlo is actually pretty good, and Nobody jeans hold their shape well.

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