Style Inspiration: Plaid/Check Blazer

Some ideas on how to wear the boyfriend-style plaid or check blazer.

I totally had an outfit post planned based on my newly created blog planner BUT lately I have been so uninspired with my outfit choices. It’s so hot and humid in Sydney that my outfits are basically chosen on just coping with the heat. As a result, they’re not often blog-worthy.

While my capsule wardrobe is still fitting me for the most part, I’m getting kind of sick of seeing the same old clothes Every. Single. Day. Right now I’m wearing my Bassike grey dress which I wore last week and the week before that and I’m sure every week since the beginning of December.


Hence the lack of posting of outfit posts both here on the blog and on Insta. Lack of inspiration OR pregnancy hormones causing me to be a bit bummed about my complete lack of style right now, who knows.

Now on my Insta feed and Pinterest I’ve been seeing A LOT of plaid/check blazers from the northern hemisphere and for some reason I am loving them. It kind of reminds me of the old Sussan houndstooth blazer I totally rocked in the early 2000s. Could my obsession be caused by those old pregnancy hormones again? Or just my desire for anything cold to beat this horrid humidity?

So obviously based on my inspiration pics below jeans, a tee and loafers are the classic way to style this blazer, but I do also love the mixed print a la Leandra Cohen and the slip dress underneath. Metallics are also a great way to make the boyfriend feel of the blazer more modern and feminine.

Tell me folks – is this a classic or a trend? Am I being ruled by style or by hormones? HELP!

Photo sources: 1. A Snapshot of Me 2. Shot from the Street 3. The Frugality 4. Lucy Williams from Fashion Me Now 5. Style By Aggie 6. Styled by Sally 6-12. Pinterest

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3 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Plaid/Check Blazer

  1. Don’t stress, pregnancy in a heatwave is bad enough, but when you add on trying to come up with new outfits, it’s too much! I say keep rewearing, comfort is key! 🙂

    I used to have a plaid blazer too, it’s trends coming around again that make it hard for me to get rid of pieces from my wardrobe, haha! I’m not sure if this is a trend or a lasting classic style, but I did want to say that given that I bought a jumper the other day (right before the heatwave!) I get the fascination with layered outfits. even if it is too hot to even think about that right now!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I was just telling Instagram Husband how I’m so ready for summer to be over. This humidity is the worst! It feels like it’s worse this time around compared to the other two pregnancies (both summer ones) – or maybe it’s because I’m running around after them that I feel so blegh all the time, haha!

      1. nope, it really is the worst! I remember the horrible heatwaves two years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest but I never had the aircon running so much even then. I’m just hanging for the cool change, can’t go near water with the kids at the moment so they are going crazy cooped up in the aircon.

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