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Style Inspiration: The 90s are Back in 2019

2019 sees the return of some key trends from the 1990s! Here’s some inspiration on how to wear them this time around.

With my formative years during the 1990s, it’s with some excitement / horror that I see some of the trends that I wore back them popping up on the catwalk and in street style photos. While there are some that I could definitely live without (JNCO jeans anyone?), these are some of the trends I’m particularly happy to see again.

1. Denim jackets with patches

via StyleCaster

I LOVED my oversized denim jacket with patches that mum and I bought and sewed on ourselves! It just looked darn cool and was a cute way to express your personality. These days you can buy jackets with the patches already sewn on, which kind of takes the fun out of finding the ones you love. This would look great with a cute dress and some combat boots.

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2. Velvet

via Closet Full of Clothes

I had this black velvet hoodie which I wore to death in my teens…it made me feel very much like Janet Jackson. Velvet feels like such a lush, luxe fabric, and it would be perfect for the upcoming Aussie winter! I do love velvet in burgundy but I think it would also look gorgeous in emerald green. Start small with a headband or a tee, or go all out in a gorgeous velvet maxi dress or suit.

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3. Bum bag/fanny pack

via Popsugar

In Australia we called them “bum bags”, in the USA “fanny packs”. Either way they were the bag du jour of the 90s. I personally had a United Colors of Benetton one which consisted of all the primary colours, and liked to wear mine as a crossbody. These days even high-end designers have jumped on the bum bag bandwagon – and really, with good reason. They keep your hands free and your goods easy to access – what’s not to love?

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4. Slip Dress

I remember when I first saw images of models wearing slip dresses over white tees, then zipping out to Supre to pick up a pink spaghetti strap mini dress and a cropped white tee. I paired this outfit with a pair of 8-hole Doc Martens boots which my mum detested! Ah the days! I do love a good slip dress, but probably wouldn’t wear them with Docs these days – some nice slides or loafers would do just fine.

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5. Tracksuit

via Vogue

Can you honestly say that there is nothing comfier than a tracksuit? Pyjamas maybe, but they’re often frowned upon when worn in public. While I probably wouldn’t wear heels with my tracksuit, I do like how it’s layered with a bomber jacket (another 90s staple!) and would probably do some Adidas Gazelles for another nod to the 90s. (Don’t forget to check out my DIY on how to shorten jogging pants if they’re a little long.)

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6. Corduroy

via Fashiontrendwalk

Along with the denim jacket mentioned above, I had the oversized corduroy jacket inherited from my mum, along with a pair of brown slim leg corduroy pants (which in retrospect were pretty darn ugly). I’d steer clear of these styles this time around, and go with a cute overall dress in a jewel tone – this would look great with a turtleneck and a pair of opaque tights and ankle boots for winter.

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7. Small lens / tiny sunglasses

via The Cut

Now I was more of a round frame person myself back then, but I do remember my cousins wearing these type of frames. They do seem to suit certain face shapes so be sure to try them on first – and I’d also consider probably only wearing them when the sun is only moderate… which it hasn’t been the case in Perth lately. The sun has been so bright, so polarised frames are a must when the sun is a bit more fierce!

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Tell me, what were your favourite trends from the 90s, and would you wear them now? Let me know in the comments below!

Header image via The Cut

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