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Mum Style: Stylish Baby Bags for Mamas – Part 2

Not really after a baby/diaper/nappy bag but still want something to fit all y our baby supplies? Here are some ideas that will serve you well from the diaper/nappy stage until well afterwards!

In my previous post on baby bags I talked about some great options that are designed specifically as nappy/diaper bags. These bags will usually have several pockets and compartments to easily store and organise all the paraphernalia you need when you go out with baby.

Personally though I found the nappy bags I had to be too cumbersome and it was tempting to carry EVERYTHING, but I actually didn’t need all of that stuff. With baby #2 I started steering away from using my nappy bags and ended up using my usual non-baby tote bags to carry what I needed, even resorting to one of those green grocery bags a couple of times. I would sometimes have a smaller personal crossbody or shoulder bag to carry my own things like wallet, phone and keys.

Soooo if you’re one of those mamas who want to keep things minimal and would rather use a bag that wasn’t strictly a nappy/diaper bag, I’ve rounded up some options below. Some of these recommendations are based on personal experience, and some are from the mums groups I belong to on Facebook, so thanks to those lovely mamas for their input!

Affordable (up to $200)

Prene Bags – it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Prene Bags (see here and here), well neoprene bags in general. It’s the ultimate chuck everything in and go bag. I’ve used mine as a nappy bag, and with the kids being older I use them as a beach bag and swimming gear bag. Chuchka and Willow Bay are also very affordable neoprene bags that work well as nappy bags. Be aware of having too much stuff though, as the straps can dig into the shoulder if you’re carrying it.

via Prene Bags

Country Road Classic Backpack – I chose this because one of the mums that does playgroup with my 2 year old has this and she just looks so effortless carrying all her stuff in this backpack. I’ve mentioned before that nothing beats a backpack for comfort and the neutral design and colour of this backpack also makes it great for the gym and sporting activities with the kids when they’re older.

via Country Road

Witchery Addy Nylon Tote – similar to Longchamp in that it’s nylon and has the shoulder strap for ease of carrying. I quite like the maroon for a nice touch of colour. Witchery also has the Lauren tote which would be a great work bag once baby gets older.

via Witchery

Mid Range ($200 – $500)

Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote Bag – I’m actually eyeing this off for when baby #3 arrives, as a little present to myself. It’s a classic, timeless design and nylon makes it very easy to clean. Look for the styles with longer shoulder straps or with an optional shoulder strap.

State of Escape tote bag – the bag of choice for a lot of mamas in my Facebook mums group, it’s the original and higher end neoprene bag option.

via State of Escape

Mimco Splendiosa Tote – a great nylon bag that works well for carrying baby stuff as well as afterwards. If you like compartments, Mimco’s Echo Worker is excellent and will fit laptops and documents for work.

via Mimco

Mac Jacobs Biker Backpack – I’ve loved this bag even before getting pregnant with baby #3, it’s one of the more stylish backpacks out there. It’s nylon so very easy to clean, and would be great for other kid-related activities as well as the gym, work, etc.

High End ($500+)

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM – some of the more “expensive” mamas carry this as their nappy bag and it’s such a classic design. The Goyard Tote was also mentioned for similar reasons. I personally would be afraid to get vomit and food and other things on them given how expensive they are, but the canvas is actually relatively easy to clean. The straps while sturdy are pretty thin so can dig into the shoulder if you’re carrying a lot of stuff, so it might be better to have this when the baby is a bit older and you don’t have the need to carry as much stuff.

Chanel Cocoon – I can probably hear you gasping, Chanel for a baby bag?! I did when one of the mums mentioned this. It is made of nylon so it’s easy to clean, and if you’re really careful with your bags this might be a great luxe option. Another mum said she used the Chanel Deauville, which is absolutely gorgeous but knowing my luck I’d probably spill coffee or laksa on it or something. I treat my bags so crappily, I probably wouldn’t do these bags any favours!

YSL Shopper tote – all the heart emojis for this bag. I love it. Unfortunately I can’t afford it.

via Tradesy

Bag Organisers, Inserts and Diaper Wallets

Now, since a lot of the bags mentioned above don’t have dedicated compartments and pockets like your standard nappy/diaper bags, it may be a good idea to look into getting a nappy/diaper bag organiser or wallet. Tote Savvy and The Nappy Society make fantastic bag inserts for tote bags, while bbox has a great diaper wallet to help keep change times neat and organised. One of my good friends has a Cath Kidston Nappy Bag Organiser which is so darn cute (as well as being an excellent way to carry your changing gear).

via The Nappy Society

Hopefully these give you some ideas on whether to go with a “regular” nappy bag or maybe invest in a style that will go beyond the baby years! What sort of bag do you prefer to use as a stylish baby bag option?

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2 thoughts on “Mum Style: Stylish Baby Bags for Mamas – Part 2

  1. These are great ideas! 🙂 I’d like to switch to a smaller bag but I think I’ll have the baby bag for a while, I’m always carrying things ‘just in case’, ha! Works out well as I take a small cross body for me and I can slip it into the side of the baby bag if needed, like when we get to playgroup and I don’t want my bag on me.

    1. I often switch up from a medium bag to a large tote depending on what I’m doing – but I think this will change when #3 comes along, haha! I’ll be carrying a lot more stuff again. Great idea to carry a smaller crossbody that can fit into a bigger bag – at least your stuff doesn’t get caught up with all the baby stuff, which used to really bug me!

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