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Mum Style: Stylish Baby Bags for Mamas – Part 1

Looking for a stylish nappy bag? Here are some picks to help keep your #mumlife stylish and organised at the same time!

With 2 kids under my belt I’ve had my fair share of nappy bags. From OI OI, Eddie Bauer, Pacapod, and an eBay one, I’ve gone through a few! A nappy bag is essential for keeping all the things you need for baby all in the one place.

But with so many options available, which one is right for you? I really didn’t like my nappy bags that really looked like nappy bags, if that makes sense (I’m looking at you, Eddie Bauer). I absolutely loved my Pacapod but found it got too heavy, especially when the babies grew. The OI OI one (no longer available) was OK but I wouldn’t call it stylish. The eBay one was probably the most practical with all the pockets and compartments BUT I ended up feeling like a packhorse, and it definitely wasn’t stylish at all.

Having gone through a few nappy bags, these are my essential criteria for a good nappy bag:

  1. Comfort. You’re going to be carrying A LOT of stuff. Nappies, wipes, rash cream, change mat, teething toys, food, bottles, spare change of clothes… the kitchen sink. This is why the backpack was so good, because at least the weight was evenly distributed across your back. However, an over shoulder bag or tote with decent straps works well too.
  2. Washability/wipeability. Babies throw up. They wee. They poo. You spill stuff carrying baby and bag and other things (occasionally other children). The bags need to withstand said stains and/or being washed and wiped. Nylon is great for washing and wiping but isn’t always very stylish. Leather is of course gorgeous but you wouldn’t want to spill that cold cup of coffee on it.
  3. Compartments. Same reason as #1. When there’s a poonami you’re going to want to find stuff, stat.
  4. Pram friendly. What I mean by this is that there’s a long strap that can easily hang over the handlebar of your pram so at least your hands/arms/shoulders are free. Or if it’s a tote, the straps are strong enough to hang from a hook. You’re going to need that one extra hand for that double shot coffee.
  5. It doesn’t look like a nappy bag. Yep, that’s a superficial reason. But it’s useful when you’ve gone past the packing the kitchen sink stage, and you can use the bag for work and/or travel. Or carrying your kids’ sporting gear.

With these criteria in mind, here are some ideas for stylish nappy bags. I’ve split them up based on budget, so you can save a little (and spend the rest on the baby) or go luxe! How much you spend is up to you, but I’d personally spend a little more (mid-range) for a bag I really love.

Affordable (up to $200)

Country Road Multi Pocket Baby Bag: made of easy care nylon, with decent straps and plenty of pockets. My only comment is that it does look like a nappy bag so probably isn’t the most stylish, but is certainly practical.

Colette by Colette Hayman Double Pocket Baby Bag: lots of compartments, has a detachable strap, and looks pretty good. Vegan leather makes it easy to wipe stray stains. I could see it doubling as a compact overnighter post-baby.

Mid-Range ($200 to $500)

Cub + Scout The Mum Set: I LOVE neoprene bags for their durability and washability. This one from Cub + Scout is great as it’s got the extra shoulder strap, as well as the pouch to fit your own stuff along with the kitchen sink.

Mimco Zen Baby Bag: With plenty of pockets, a removable pouch and made of nylon, it’s great for both the baby period, and would look decent at work too.

Mahiya Bambino Leather Bag and Organiser: for the boho mama! Luxe leather makes it perfect for every day use when baby gets older.

Kate Spade Watson Lane Betheny Diaper Bag: loving the nylon and external pockets. It’s also a great work tote for when/if you go back to the office.

Oroton Bueno Baby Tote: I love camel leather as it’s such a versatile neutral that’s a bit softer compared to black. The size makes it great for fitting a laptop and documents for work.

Tiba + Marl Elwood Backpack: nothing beats a backpack for comfort. This faux leather Tiba + Marl one is both stylish and easy to care for, and works well for the gym too. Of course, if you want to hang it from the pram, you’ll need 2 hooks.

Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up Baby Bag: chosen as I’ve read pretty good reviews about this bag from the Facebook mums groups I belong to. It also looks like it would be a pretty good work bag too.

Claudine and Ash The Andie Leather Nappy Bag: gorgeous tan leather and classic design makes it great for post-baby when you finally get to carry your own stuff (along with the odd cracker or toy).

Alf the Label The Stella: faux pony hair makes this bag look luxe without the price tag. It’s got lots of pockets, and at a pretty decent size it would make a good overnighter as well.

High End ($500 or more)

Gucci Supreme Diaper Bag: the most popular baby bag in my mums groups for the mamas who have a bit of extra cash. Wouldn’t it look amazing hanging from your pram??

Prada Vela Nylon Bag: another favourite from the luxe mums group. Although I do feel this bag tends to get “knocked off” a fair bit so even if you are carrying the genuine article, it might be mistaken for a fake!

Marc Jacobs Easy Baby Backpack: another backpack option which looks pretty good, but it seems to be sold out everywhere at the moment!

In an upcoming post I’ll be talking about baby bags that actually AREN’T strictly baby bags, so check back soon for some stylish “baby” bag ideas for bags that go above and beyond the packing-the-kitchen-sink stage!


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3 thoughts on “Mum Style: Stylish Baby Bags for Mamas – Part 1

  1. Oh I narrowed my choice down to the Marc by Marc Jacobs one I have now and the Rebecca Minkoff one – I didn’t know it had such good reviews for the Rebecca Minkoff one, I was struggling to find any info on it, so that’s why I went with the Marc Jacobs one instead. This was about 4 years ago now though, haha!

    I’m still toting it around and I’m contemplating downsizing to a normal handbag, but I love the multi strap feature it has and that ti’s so easy to clean, and light, being nylon. Maybe in another year or so.

    1. If only Marc by Marc Jacobs hadn’t discontinued! I really loved that line, and the baby bags would have been great too. There are so many lovely options for baby bags now compared to when I had my firstborn, it’s so tempting to get another one for this one haha!

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