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The 5 best investment pieces in my wardrobe

When it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to save and what to splurge on. Here I talk about the 5 splurge pieces I think are worth spending a bit more on.

In this world of fast fashion it’s so easy to make a decision between, say a $3 t-shirt and a $60 one. Why on earth would you pay 20 times more for what basically looks like the same thing?

Of course, one way to justify this is that the more expensive one is better quality, along with possibly better ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. That’s all well and good, but still… $3? You could buy one in every colour of the rainbow and it would still be cheaper.

But sometimes price isn’t, and shouldn’t, be the only thing to consider. I was just having this conversation with a friend a few nights ago, who said she had bought a pair of Nike Air Maxes for her eldest, and a pair of cheapy Target sneakers for her second daughter. Over 6 months, my friend had had to buy 2 more pairs of sneakers for her second daughter because the cheapy ones just didn’t last the test of the time. The Air Maxes however were still hanging on, and my friend had basically spent the same amount of money for her second daughter on sneakers but probably spent more time going to the shop, trying them on, choosing the right ones etc.

My point is, there are cases when spending more on pieces is better in the long run, because they last longer, transcend trends and therefore are more bang for buck on a cost per wear basis. These are what we would call investment pieces.

Now bear in mind, I buy a lot of my items second hand so when I describe my “investment pieces” below they’re still a fair bit more than what you’d pay for an average counterpart of the same item, BUT being second hand are significantly cheaper than what you’d expect to pay at RRP. I highly suggest if you’re a pauper such as myself trying to source these second hand so that they don’t burn a hole in your wallet.

1. Acne Jensen Boots

I remember when I first purchased these off Gumtree that this was the most I would have ever paid for a pair of boots. It was eye-wateringly expensive but cheaper than if I had gone to the Acne store and bought them brand new… but mind you, probably not that much cheaper.


They are absolutely my number one favourite investment piece because they just go with everything. The shape of the toe, the shaft height, comfort and fit… it’s next level perfect, for me anyway. I’ve tried other black ankle boots and they have failed the longevity test compared to my Acne Jensens. I’ve been pretty disappointed this autumn in Perth because it’s just been so warm most days and I haven’t had much reason to take them out yet. Hurry and get cold already, Perth!

2. Organic by John Patrick White V-neck T-shirt

I bought this shirt at a My Chameleon pop-up sale I happened to walk past on my way to my work Christmas party a few years ago. Needless to say I was late to the party.

I don’t remember how much this shirt normally retails for, but a quick look on the My Chameleon website tells me similar shirts by Organic by John Patrick sell for about $70+. I think I bought this shirt for $30 at the sale, so it’s not ridiculously expensive, but when you compare it Kmart’s current offering it’s a fair bit more.

Notwithstanding the fact that Organic by John Patrick has a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to sourcing their clothing and how they are manufactured, the fit of the T-shirt is excellent. I’ve also worn and washed it a fair few times and it hasn’t changed a bit. I bought a Selected Femme white t-shirt from Asos not long after I bought this one so I didn’t have to wear the John Patrick shirt to death, but the fit and quality of the Selected Femme shirt was so disappointing. I wish I had bought more of this label’s T-shirts at the pop-up sale, they just fit and wash so well.

3. Re/Done Jeans

I bought these jeans off a fairly famous Instagram influencer from her Carousell account for about $90 including postage. This is not a bad deal considering Re/Done jeans sell for over three times that price.

They are my favourite pair of jeans in my vast collection because they just fit so well. They’re a rigid denim so they don’t lost their shape after being worn and washed many times. I think I even inadvertently threw them in the dryer once and they came out perfectly fine. The slightly tapered leg is also a nice change from skinnies and the high waist is also mum-tum friendly.

4. Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers

Paying $400 for a pair of shoes that are pre-distressed? WTAF?

I certainly didn’t pay that much for these shoes, but they did cost more than what you’d pay for a non-distressed pair of white shoes. I bought mine from Vestiaire Collective and they were sent (after a considerably long period of time) from a seller in France.

But it was love at first sight when I opened the box. I’d already had a pair of Adidas Stan Smith white sneakers which I had worn quite a bit, but these were just so cool. My Stan Smiths sometimes felt clunky with certain dresses and skirts but not the Superstars. They went with absolutely everything, and I just felt so ridiculously chic wearing them, even if it was with just a pair of tracky daks as pictured above.

Let’s just say these pair of shoes began my love affair with Golden Goose sneakers and I slowly began a small collection of them… bought second hand, of course.

5. Cecilie Copenhagen O-Neck Shirt

I bought these as a birthday present to myself after I’d had my first bub. Motherhood was hard work, I thought, and I deserve a little treat.

It’s one of those shirts that is effortless and easy to dress up or down. I’ve worn it with distressed jeans and with sleek faux leather pants. I’ve worn it with denim shorts for the weekend and pencil skirts for work. It’s such an easy piece to wear for any occasion.

However, it is probably not super mum-friendly given how delicate the thread detail is… I always have to stop my 4 year old pulling my shirt which then pulls on the threads! Argh! And I try not to wear anything that could potentially snag on the threads… but then velcro on my children’s shoes… argh again. Despite these incidents, I love this shirt so.

What are your favourite investment pieces? Is it worth spending more on items that you love/will last the test of time?

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2 thoughts on “The 5 best investment pieces in my wardrobe

  1. I think these are great investment pieces! I struggle with paying a lot for boots / shoes as I often wear them to death and even if I get a few years wear from them it stings a bit when they reach the ‘cannot be repaired any more’ point of life. $300 was the maxi I’ve ever paid and that was DINK budget, haha! It’s a lot lower now.

    Bags are my biggest splurge and investment!

    1. It’s a good thing you wear them to death, it means you’re definitely getting your 30 wears out of them right? 😀 I figure I don’t have any other vices so I can spend a little bit on some investment pieces, haha! Good to see you safely home too. xx

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