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The Hidden Adjustments Of Motherhood, A Guide For Newcomers

Whether it be your first time or your third time (oh hai!), motherhood always means adjustments in your life. Here are just a few!

Motherhood is one of the most challenging times in a woman’s life. No matter how smart, prepared and organised a mother is, having children is one of the hardest times for them as they try to adjust their lives from one reality to another.

The hidden adjustments of motherhood can sometimes be hard to conceive of to begin with. Whether they be big adjustments or only minor, it’s always worth being prepared for how your life will change when little ones come into your world.

Your Social Life

When motherhood arrives, it can take you far and away from the previous flow of your social life. This means your friendship list might decrease in quantity, but will absolutely increase in quality. This is when you truly find out who your real friends are. For some, this reduction in social life activity can feel quite upsetting. It might be that you thrive on social connection, and that sometimes you need to express the challenges of motherhood to someone. But why focus on expressing that to someone who hasn’t experienced it, unless they are your close friend?

Consider meeting other mums at motherhood groups, or attend a mother-baby bonding activity to help you meet like minded people. For example, there might be “mummy and me” yoga or swimming lessons you could join, or sometimes a simple mothers meeting in your local community to drink coffee – any of these will help you get out of the house.

The first hidden adjustment of motherhood is the fact that your social life will change, subtly, but significantly over time. Now, you only need care about your child, yourself, and whoever sustains you and whom who can sustain with your social contact.

Your Awareness

You’ll notice over time that motherhood helps you somehow develop superhero-like intuitions. It’s that odd feeling you have when something isn’t quite right with your child. It’s the supersonic hearing you have to somehow hear your child waking up from the nap, despite them simply gurgling, and without a baby monitor being set up. It’s the ability to somehow understand the hidden communication between you and your baby, figuring out what’s wrong with them from the need for feeding to a simple comforting from their mother.

A mother’s intuition is no small thing. It’s a massive consideration, and if you pay close attention can help guide you through the small, daily feats of motherhood that no expert guide can direct you for.

Your Worry

Unfortunately, part of being a mother is an incessant sense of worry. It won’t be debilitating, but it will always be in the background. This will last until the end of your days. Unfortunately, that is the curse of motherhood, but also the gift, because it keeps you sharp, it sets your priorities straight, and it helps you always act as a guiding light in their life.

This worry is not like a dull pain that simply follows you everywhere. It will be in the simple decisions, such as when to use Bubbahood sustenance for your baby, or how well their social development is doing in Kindergarten. Your worry is the six sense you have as a mother, but you might not understand just how pervasive and important it is until you experience this yourself.

Your Nourishment

The nourishment of you as a mother is important to consider. A hidden adjustment will be that you need perhaps more calories to stay functional and alert, as motherhood takes plenty out of you, and your body will need to heal after giving birth. You may also need to cut out any unhealthy food or habits to help you cope with the rigours of motherhood.

Whether a mother or not, it’s always best to eat high density fibrous vegetables, preferably green and leafy, to gain your best nutrients. It’s also important to drink plenty of water! Over time, you will learn to realize just what foods sustain you and help you feel at one in your body.

Your Relationship

Your relationship might change in various ways, no matter if you’re simply on good terms and trying to do the best job, in a relationship or married. People might think that a baby can bring a couple together out of an intense common goal, and sometimes this is true. However, this fact ignores the reality that a baby will place a strain on any relationship. This might not be a negative strain. But when overtired, trying to organize, and if you have various decisions about going forward, some disagreements will arise. Being prepared for this can help your relationship, and a lack of awareness surrounding this can make it sink. Clear communication and an understanding of each others’ needs is vital in any relationship, and more so now.

Motherhood is a journey where we’re always learning not only about our children, but about ourselves! What adjustments do you think you’ll make to help you on your motherhood journey?

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