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The Life of a Mummy Style Blogger

So I’d like to preface this post by saying this is more of an explanation (and an apology of sorts) for not being able to blog as much as I (and hopefully you) would like.

You see I subscribe to emails from those companies that help you become the best blogger you can be (you know the ones, they promise that you become so successful and can quit your job after you start blogging by using the tips you pay for through them). Having worked in a marketing capacity for some of my working life, I totally understand some of the tips that they do give for free, for example:

  • blogging regularly and consistently
  • blogging good quality content
  • taking good quality photos (where a professional photographer may become a good investment)
  • approaching brands you’d like to work with for sponsored posts or other collaboration opportunities
  • posting regularly on social media to promote the blog.

In an ideal world, yes I would absolutely do all of these things, I would love to be able to blog as a career and be able to work with brands I love and trust. However, at this point in my life, when taking a shower before midday is a feat to be celebrated, being able to do these things is almost impossible.

If you’re not familiar with my background I’m a mum of two little ones, ages 3 and 1 at the time of posting, who take up most of my waking hours what with pre-school, playdates, park visits, swimming lessons etc. When I’m not taking care of them I work part-time in an academic environment, where there are some weeks that I have 60 2000-word essays to mark in 7 days. I’m also a contributor to two other websites (see my work here). Oh, and every now and again I like to spend time with my husband and watch Game of Thrones or NCIS.

So there are periods when I don’t have a lot of time to blog regularly or even know what I’m going to blog about next. I don’t have the time to write proposals or pitches to approach the brands I’d like to work with (although I have been very lucky to work on some great collaborations). As for the ability to take good quality photos, I only have #instagramhusband or my trusty tripod and DSLR (which I’m still trying to figure out) which operates remotely. There are days I’m lucky to get a quick snap of my outfit for Instagram without the 3 year old yelling “Mummy what are you doing now?” or the 1 year old climbing my leg.

One day I’ll be able to blog more consistently… but not today. But I do want to say thank you if you do follow me on Instagram or read my blog regularly (or even now and again), I really appreciate all the comments and feedback from you!

Tell me… are you a mummy style blogger? What are your secrets for managing your time?

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