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The Sun City Bag Made With Ra-Ra Raffia Yarn

Hopping onto the summer bandwagon with a crocheted raffia circle bag!

My in-laws came for a couple of weeks while we were in the middle on renovations and it was so nice having the extra set of hands to help out around the house. I didn’t have to worry about dinner every single night, there was always someone that could keep an eye on the marauding 3 year old when I was trying to put the baby to sleep, and there was someone who could entertain the easily bored 5 year old.

The other thing that was great about having them around was being able to finish off this crochet project, which I started some time ago but hadn’t been able to finish because of the renovations.

I really like the current trend of rattan and raffia bags, and had always thought how I would go about making one. When Wool and the Gang released its Ra-Ra Raffia range I loved the In a Dream Crochet Bag but felt it was too big for my stature. But when the 30% off sale came along I just couldn’t resist buying a few skeins of raffia.

I did a search for bags suitable to make with raffia and came across the Sun City Bag by Life is Cozy.

You have the option to make the bag with or without millinery wire; I decided to make it without because quite simply I didn’t have the time to go searching at my local Lincraft for it. However, if you do make the bag I highly recommend making the effort to get some millinery wire as it helps maintain the bag’s circular shape and gives it a bit of structure.

Mine doesn’t have the wire and it’s fine as is, but I’d like it to keep its shape when I start filling it up!

I chose Desert Palm raffia to crochet the bag so that it would go with the majority of my summer outfits. Crocheting with raffia is basically crocheting with paper so it’s best not to be too rough with the yarn as it can break fairly easily.

I love how the bag turned out – I ended up shortening the straps a little bit as I wanted the big to sit more under my arm than the original pattern. It would make a great bag for the beach!

In keeping with the summery theme I paired the bag with a simple linen dress I recently bought from Cotton On. I generally find linen pieces to be a little oversized/too long for me, which makes me hesitant to buy them second hand because I need to try them on. I like how I could wear this dress as is, or with a plain white tee underneath for a bit of a 90s throwback. The length can also be altered if need be with adjustable straps, and of course BUTTONS for easy breastfeeding.

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3 thoughts on “The Sun City Bag Made With Ra-Ra Raffia Yarn

  1. That is such a cute bag and it’s awesome you made it yourself! I am so impressed! 🙂 It will be perfect for summer, looks like such a good size.

    The linen dress is adorable too 🙂

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend. I had a busy day yesterday but today will be much more relaxed 🙂

    1. Thanks Mica! I have another raffia bag I’m looking at making, eventually, when the home situation is all over!

      Winter has come back a little bit here in Sydney – can’t say I’m too mad about – I’m enjoying wearing my long sleeves just that little bit longer 🙂 It looks pretty warm up in Brissy though!

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